Odorous house ants are small but not the smallest of all the ants. Their length is  2.4 to 3.3 mm and it is easy to notice them. The color of…

About Odorous House Ants

Odorous house ants are small but not the smallest of all the ants. Their length is  2.4 to 3.3 mm and it is easy to notice them. The color of them varies from dark brown to black. Viewed  from the side, odorous ants seem to have strangely  shaped thorax. The thing making these ants not pleasant neighbors is the smell appearing when the ant’s body ruins. It smells like something rotten.

It is possible to find these ants in plenty of places. They are often nestle inside the buildings and are found beneath he floor or even inside the wall cracks. The invasions happen during wet weather day and night. They usually forage all the day long. As all the ants they like sweet things such as sugar and honey but sometimes can eat meat and grease.


They create colonies in two ways. The first one is when the odorous house ant queen and the workers leave the old colony and go to the other place creating another one. It can happen because of different reasons. Another way is when the colony is established by winged couple, male and female ants. They swarm out of the main nest and  fertilized female then creates a new colony. It usually happen during the summer time. They don’t bite but forging inside the homes they contaminate food and can become persistent pests. The fact is they travel in large numbers. It you see the winged odorous house ant, be sure that the invasion can start soon.

These ants can nestle inside and outside the house. Inside the home they settle in wall cracks, close to the heating areas, close to the water pipes as the source of water and under  the carpets and even under the paneling. They live in colonies even inside the building and the queen provides thousands of workers.

How to Get Rid of Odorous House Ants?

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Ant baits

There are two ways of getting out from these ants. The first one is natural, the second one is chemical. We will go through both of them because they both have pros and cons.

Natural ways of getting off the ants

As all the insects they hate strong smells and like sweet things. Using this easy rule one can easily get rid of odorous ants.

  1. Use spices. In order to throw away the workers, trying to come inside, put cinnamon and mint next to the doors and windows. Ants hate these smells and won’t go inside. It is possible to use cinnamon oil but only in places of invasions, not around the house. But remember that the spices only can’t help to get rid of the ants. Firstly all sweet things and all remaining of food should be thrown away. The waste bowls and dishes should be cleaned too.
  2. Vinegar and oil is a secret of success. Combine vinegar and water in the bottle and add some oil there. Shake it all and use as a spray. Remember that this spray make the ants blind, deleting their sense of flavor. They simply can’t find food as they used to. If you don’t want ants crawling on the surfaces, wash them with vinegar.
  3. Borax is against the insects. The fact is borax can be used against plenty of insects. You can use it as a barrier or make bites with poison. If you have animals and children it will be better avoid using it. The simplest odorous house ants bait can be done this way. Take a bowl and put a little syrup in it. Then take borax and powder the walls of the bite. The insects will have to pass through the toxic field that kills them. Another variant is to do borax cakes and crumble them next to the outside colony.
  4. Coffee will help. Coffee also has a strong smell and it also makes ants unable to find food so cleaning the coffee filters on the colony hill can cause it’s death.
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Using these natural ways of fighting with ants, remember that it can tale some weeks until the last  odorous ant disappears.

Ant Control Products

People finding the answer on question how to get rid of odorous ants think that the quickest way is to use chemical ant control product and they are right.

One of the most effective baits is Advion Ant Bait Gel, perfect for ants preferring sugar, and Advance 375A  for those preferring protein. But these treatments should be used with bait stations. If you prefer sprays, try Taurus SC or  FUSE Insecticide for the colonies outside the house and for spraying the perimeter. For inside work use Alpine Aerosol PT.

Notice that the first two sprays kill not only ants but all the crawling insects. The sprays and bites can be combined for better effect.

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How to Prevent Ant Invasion?

For preventing ant invasion it is important to follow next easy rules.

  1. Keep all in order. The ants like sweet things, crumbles, the leavings of food. So all these things should be deleted from the open places and wrapped if it is possible.
  2. Cope with noticed insects. If you notice an ant – cope with it using wet sponge. Don’t allow it to return to the colony. If there’s one – there can be plenty in a few days.
  3. Control the outside colonies. Notice what happens with them but do nothing because the stress can provoke ants to travel inside the house from their ruined colony.
  4. Use natural ways of control. Plant mint and other plant with strong smell in the pot and put it next to the door or next to the window. It will prevent ants’ coming.
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