Having bed bugs in your house can be a great nuisance to all family members. The fact sufficiently decreases life quality, thus it’s extremely important to spot the infestation timely…

How Do You Know If You Have Bed Bugs: Major Sign of Infestation and Ways to Avoid It

Having bed bugs in your house can be a great nuisance to all family members. The fact sufficiently decreases life quality, thus it’s extremely important to spot the infestation timely and start fighting with the unwelcomed intruders.

In certain cases it can be quite difficult to tell for 100% sure your house has been infested exactly with bed bugs. The thing is that they are too often mistaken for other small insects, thus only professional experts are able to tell for certain that tiny guests inhabiting your premises are bed bugs.

How Do You Know If You Have Bed Bugs?

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Bed Bugs

The parasites as a rule are very cautious creatures.

Undoubtedly, if one observes a bed bug in his own bed or some other part of his house, he can be dead sure his relatives are somewhere around and there are a lot of them: thus, the infestation is pretty evident. But the parasites as a rule are very cautious creatures and it’s pretty unlikely to detect them during the day. Still, there are certain factors to consider that can make you quite sure about having bloodsuckers at your place.

How do you know if you have bed bugs? Among the major signs providing evidence of bloodsuckers infestation are the following:

  • Fecal stains on your shits or other areas bugs live in. The stains as a rule present some blackish spots as they are the result of digested blood. If you try to wipe the stains using some wet cloth, the spots will smear. Such spots can be found in abundance on all places that be reached by the insects: walls, linen, mattresses etc.
  • As the insects develop they often shed their shells and skin. These tiny particles can be also found on your linen or some other places like floor, mattress, and bed covers etc. As a rule house owner can find insects eggshells close to those places that they use as a shelter in your bedroom or house.

    Bed bugs

    Clear evidence of unwanted bloodsucking guests presence at your place is having bites on your or your family members’

  • If you have detected a strange unknown odor in your rooms you may also think of bed bugs infestation. It happens when the amount of insects is quite considerable: you can feel the unpleasant sweet-musty smell every time you enter your house.
  • If the bugs are really present in your bedroom, you are very likely to find some or numerous blood spots on your linen left after their bites. If you spotted the blood stains on your shits, it can be definitely claimed you’re experiencing an active infestation of bloodsuckers.
  • Another clear evidence of unwanted bloodsucking guests presence at your place is having bites on your or your family members’ (especially children) skin. While the sign can’t provide 100% evidence of infestation, still it should be regarded with concern and urge you to look for the insects in the places in your rooms they often inhabit.

If at least one of the factors provided above is true, one can suspect having bed bugs in his house and now it’s high time to exterminate them as soon as possible!

How Do Bed Bugs Come Into Your House?

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There are plenty of ways the insects can get into your home and make it their home. They can be brought with old used sofas or couches, luggage or clothing infested with the insects. Quite often bed bugs are brought home after travelling or moving from house to house.

These insects feature really tiny sizes thus they can easily crawl into all the tiniest cracks and corners. After some parasites get into your premises, they will very quickly spread all over the house and rapidly multiply giving you even more trouble.

To avoid this remember these simple pieces of advice that will help you prevent infestation:

  • If you are staying in a hotel or some other place for a night, check the bed you are going to sleep in. Turn the mattress upside down and look for the signs of infestation. The same way should be studied bed springs, linen and sheets. If you notice any signs of bed bugs, quickly move away.

    Bed bugs

    They can be brought with old used sofas or couches.

  • When you come home after travelling or visiting some other place that you suspect may be infested, carefully study your luggage and clothes. Put your clothes directly to washing machine even if you haven’t spotted any signs.
  • It’s better to avoid bringing old used furniture, books or other used items into your house. And if you still do it, follow the certain precautious measures. Clothing should be thoroughly washed in hot water, furniture should be thoroughly inspected. As to used mattresses- it’s better to avoid bringing them into your home at all, as you might fail to detect the insects inside it.

How to Find Bugs in Your House and Kill Them?

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So, if you suspect that you are suffering bed bugs, you should know the places they usually hide in order to find and exterminate them forever.

First of all, remove bedding and carefully study your bed for signs of the insects or their shells and excrements. You should also study every inch of your bed and mattress, looking into every tiny corner and seam.

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After this it’s time to examine all the items around your bed including walls, books, curtains, radios and phones, carpet and even look into electrical outlets- this might be a perfect home for the intruders.

The parasites can also attach to your clothes, thus it’s necessary to check your closet as well.

In order to exterminate the unwanted guest out of your house you should:

  • Clean all the bedding and clothes in hot water and then dry them on the highest temperature possible;
  • Vacuum your bedroom and everything in it as often as possible. Use brush to scrub your mattress before vacuuming;
  • Get rid of all unnecessary stuff piling around your bed;
  • Try to be careful when you visit unknown places and bring various things to your home. Always keep in mind the high risk of bed bugs infestation and try to avoid it.
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