Nowadays bed bugs have become a really major problem for many people all over the world. The fact is that even the most chic hotels and the cleanest household get…

How to Kill Bed Bugs: Natural and Commercial Treatments Review

Nowadays bed bugs have become a really major problem for many people all over the world. The fact is that even the most chic hotels and the cleanest household get infested with these parasites.

Those who’ve already experienced having the insects at their home know pretty well what a huge nuisance and trouble they present and how vital it is to exterminate them timely. Thus, the methods and treatments for killing these annoying intruders are in high demand.

The problem is that you won’t get rid of them so easily. They will do their best to remain in your premises and keep consuming your blood as it’s their only food. But you shouldn’t get upset and give up: with our valuable advice you’re going to win this fight with unwanted guests in your bedroom!

Modern chemical industry provides a really impressing choice of effective products that will help you kill bugs and forget about them for long. Study them carefully and pick up the ones that will suit you more.

How to Kill Bed Bugs Yourself?

Of course you can always call a professional exterminator who knows how to kill bed bugs. But first you can try to do it yourself. Here are some steps you need to try right after you detect the insects in your house:

  1. Despite vacuum cleaning alone can’t exterminate all bugs, it’s still a pretty effective method for minimizing infestation extent. The area infested by bloodsuckers should be thoroughly scrubbed and vacuumed daily. After this all the cracks and holes you can find should be tightly sealed.

Keep in mind that insects easily survive after being sucked in, thus you need to throw the contents somewhere outside your premises.

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2. There’s another way, more effective that scrubbing and vacuuming: steam cleaning. Bed bugs and their eggs are quickly and easily killed by extreme heat. This method may be very effective, but unfortunately it can’t be applied to all areas infested with the parasites in your house.

There’s a special Bed Bugs Steamer available nowadays: with its help you’ll easily combat your uninvited guests. It’s comfy for sanitizing all types of surfaces in your home and killing many types of parasites.

how to kill bed bugs

You can try to get rid of bed bugs yourself.

  1. Another natural remedy, widely used for killing bugs is exposing infested items and clothes under the sun. The heat gradually kills insects, thus you just need to put your linen and furniture under the sun and leave it there for several hours. It will be more than enough for the bloodsuckers to die or go away.
  2. Cold can kill bloodsuckers as effectively as heat, so it’s another way to try to get rid of the nuisance living in your bedroom. Cold treatment of infested things should last for two weeks and the temperature must be kept under 32 F for the method to work and destroy insects. What’s convenient with this method is that you can freeze many various household items including even electronics (not featuring LCD panels).
  3. A natural remedy knows as diatomaceous soil has proven to be quite effective for exterminating bed bugs. It effectively kills your unwanted guests, but absolutely harmless for other mammals in your house as it has tiny particles. Put a thick layer of the soil on infested areas and wait for some time. After this thoroughly vacuum the place and sleep safe without bugs.

The natural methods of fighting with bed bugs maybe effective but you should know that in majority of cases home remedies will simply reduce the number of parasites in your home, but won’t eliminate the entire population of pests.

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If you’ve tried all these steps but still are suffering the irritating insects’ infestation, you might want to opt for some more serious treatments to fight with bugs.

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How to Kill Bugs with the Help of Clorox?

How to Kill Bugs

If the bed bugs laid eggs in the mattress, it is better to throw it away.

This method might save you hundreds dollars and let you get rid of unwanted intruders quickly but with some efforts applied. Clorox presents a biocide thus it has a special effect on all living organisms and effectively used worldwide for controlling bugs infestation.

You’ll need to make a solution mixing up one part of water and the same amount of Clorox. Pour the mixture in a spray bottle. Be careful, it can be irritating for your skin and damage fabric color and texture.

Vacuum all the surfaces in the infested areas and start spraying furniture and other surfaces with the Clorox mixture. Let everything dry for some time and then you can assemble all the pieces back.

Advice: There’s no use in spraying your mattress as in case the bugs got inside it and laid their eggs there, Clorox spray will be useless. In such cases it’s better to call professionals or throw away your mattress contaminated with the insects

How to Get Rid of the Bed Bugs with the Help of Commercial Pesticides?

The bad news is that serious and really extra effective commercial pesticides are available only to professional exterminators and are not sold in the stores for homeowners use. The good news is that the commercial treatments available for you still can help to kill the bloodsuckers if you will manage to reach the places they hide in with special dusts or sprays.

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Use only registered insecticides and pick up those that feature bed bugs in their list. Check the manufacturer label for this and of course don’t forget to follow safety rules as the treatments are very poisonous for humans.

Bed Bugs Sprays

bed bugs

The powder is effective if you know exactly where there are bed bugs in your home.

There’s a really great selection of those in the stores nowadays. Not all of them can make miracles in fighting with home bloodsuckers, but some of them do prove to be pretty effective for coping with this problem. Some basic sprays can be bought for a funny price of 5 $ and in certain cases they tend to be more effective than expensive analogues. In fact, many sprays are able to become an affordable solution for you. Try and see what is really helpful that’s the reason why exactly sprays have become a desirable alternative to expensive professional exterminators.

Bed Bugs Powder

These special chemicals can also be pretty effective and provide you with the results you need. Yet, for the powder to work, it should come into a direct contact with an insect which not always is so easy. The advantage of this treatment is that it works almost immediately and you can get the results instantly. Powder is a really good and effective option when one knows for sure what the infested areas in his premises are.

Special Bed Bugs Kits

That is a very popular and truly effective way to combat with bugs. Such kits provide all necessary chemicals for successful fighting with infestation and are good for 1-2 rooms. This product has come to become a best seller in many countries as people get attracted with its value and powerful tools they get with the

The kit normally includes the following chemicals:

  1. Contact killer which rapidly knocks down the pests;
  2. Residual killer creating an effective and lasting barrier (up to 4 months!);
  3. Special chemical for treating your mattresses;
  4. Special aerosol for furniture pieces, fabric and drapes;
  5. Bed Bug Powder;
  6. Professional applicator for the powder.

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