Unfortunately, the problem of having bed bugs is vital for many people all over the globe nowadays. Even if you’re a sanitary maniac and your house is ideally clean and…

How to Kill Bed Bugs Naturally: Efficient Methods and Valuable Advice

Unfortunately, the problem of having bed bugs is vital for many people all over the globe nowadays. Even if you’re a sanitary maniac and your house is ideally clean and scrubbed, you can’t be fully protected from the unauthorized intrusion of these pesky tiny creatures. They get into your premises by many various ways and once settled comfortably in your bedroom, you’ll have lots of troubles trying to make them go.

How to Make Them Go?

Don’t waste your time! As soon as you’ve spotted any signs of bed bugs infestation, try your best to exterminate the insects or they’ll turn your life in a non stop nightmare. There’re tons of various methods that can help you free your belongings from the bugs. Of course, not all of them are equally effective and comfy.

It’s quite clear that the most effective and fastest way to exterminate your tiny bloodsucking enemies is calling professional exterminators, who can use the most effective strong chemicals for killing the pests. Unfortunately this method has one pretty serious disadvantage – it’s quite costly. Still, there’s good news: there’re certain home remedies that will let you exterminate the bugs with your own forces. Read carefully and pick up those that suit your situation.

How to Kill Bed Bugs Naturally: the Most Efficient Methods You Can Opt For

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There is a row of various natural methods that are really pretty effective and will help you kill the pests quickly and without extraordinary costs. The factor makes them preferred treatment for fighting bloodsuckers. Unfortunately, there’re no effortless methods for killing the insects, thus you’ll need to apply some effort to get rid of the unwanted guests. Here are the major methods, widely used by many people all over the world and showing great results.

Bed bugs

There are many natural methods, how to kill bed bugs.

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That a simple method to get rid of the annoying insects without using any chemicals. For this you’ll need several special encasements and plastic bags for your furniture in bedroom and mattress.

First you need to study your beddings and especially mattress for the pests and hot wash all the items. Hot water is a perfect way to kill the parasites but, unfortunately, if they’ve settled in your mattress, you won’t be able to kill them there. In this case try hot steam that will destroy not only bugs, but their eggs as well.

After you’ve done all the measures above, place the mattress and other infested items in special encasements- the bloodsuckers won’t be able to get out of there and find food. Thus, the bugs, deprived of vital oxygen, will suffocate inside or die without source of blood.

Note: Keep in mind that bed bugs are real survivors and they won’t give up their lives so easily. Some bugs were found alive even after 10 months without any food! Thus, the best option if you don’t want to throw away your infested beddings and mattresses is to keep them encased for a year and even longer to make dead sure all the nasty pests inside are dead.

Diatomaceous Earth

If you’re still puzzled how to kill bed bugs naturally you have obligatory try this. It’s a really effective and uncomplicated method of controlling infestation and killing bloodsuckers. Just make sure you use special food grade, it important because of its safety purposes and efficiency qualities. It works pretty simply: the substance sticks to the insects’ body and then just dehydrates the bugs, drying them out after which they die.

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There’s nothing more simple and effortless than this method. Just sprinkle the earth in your bedroom or any other infested premises in your home and protect yourself from bed bugs’ attacks.


Despite being very simple, the method gives certain results in the battle with bed bugs.  They love hiding in various cracks in your premises like frames, wallpapers and even sockets on the wall. Thoroughly vacuum all the places the pests may hide in don’t forget to throw away the stuff far from your house to avoid repeated infestation. After vacuuming you can use some ready to use disinfectants to make sure not a single bug is left alive.


Excessive temperatures kill any living creatures, including the bugs. Thus you can use heat to fight with your bloodsucking guests. Nothing can be simpler than this, in fact. Just use for example clothes drier for heating your beddings, pillows and other items that might be infested and kill the parasites residing inside them.

Bed bugs

You can use clothes drier for heating your beddings.

There’s another option, however. It’s especially useful when you can heat dry some piece: just leave the item outside right in the direct sunlight. Bugs, despite being very resistant to many things, don’t tolerate intense temperatures, thus your goal of exterminating them will be achieved. Just remember, the temperature should be really hot, not less than 120 °C and more.


Cold is another enemy of bed bugs that might help you forget about having bugs in your house. But unlike heating, it will require more effort and time to achieve some results in your fight with the pests. They can hang on for some time even when exposed to low temperatures below the zero. In fact the method is not something many people care to follow, although it’s pretty effective. But to use it you need to live in cold place in cold season, and then you’ll be able to devastate your bloodsucking enemies with the help of cold.

Tea Tree Oil

The «treat» will make your unwelcomed guests go away due to its specific strong smell. It won’t kill the insects, of course, but will help you have them far away from your sleeping zone and prevent biting during the night. Spray some of it around and enjoy calm nights without any intrusion.

Bed bugs

The bugs cannot tolerate the smell of lavender oil.

Lavender Oil

This oil is also extremely effective natural repellent for bloodsuckers. The nasty creatures go away the very moment they hear the smell. You can easily get the oil in any local food store and use it effectively to protect your bedroom from the bugs. Rub the floor and the frame of your bed with the oil and rest assured the parasites won’t interfere for long as the fragrance lasts as a rule for several weeks.

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