When my neighbor started killing the insects in his flat with special repellents with chemicals, they fled to my apartments, and I was eventually seeing a bug here and there…

Best Way to Get Rid of Roaches: Personal Experience of the Reader

When my neighbor started killing the insects in his flat with special repellents with chemicals, they fled to my apartments, and I was eventually seeing a bug here and there (at the kitchen counter during nighttime, then near food stored in the kitchen cabinet, and in bathroom a week later). Just in a couple of weeks they were brave enough to invade my bedroom and show up even in daytime.

The First Signs and Steps

I knew that my neighbor was struggling against the bugs, so first thing I did was to visit him and ask how the process was going on. He claimed to have got rid of the bugs completely, but promised to keep an eye on them in case they decide to return.

I started tracking them to their nests, but it didn’t lead me anywhere – roaches kept creeping in the crevices between parquet floor boards. Apparently, their nests were situated there.


Cockroaches came to my house from the neighbor.

Unsuccessful Experience

Not knowing what to do, I visited the nearest home depot and bought the first thing I saw – roach baits. Following the instruction, I put them here and there around my flat: in bathroom, under the kitchen sink and counters, and started waiting. In the first two weeks I found dead roaches around the lures, and their population seemed to decrease slightly. But then they got back again and were just ignoring the food attractants.

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Application of balls made of baking soda and borax made the same impact. First, curious bugs ate them and die, but then the smart guys learnt on their mistakes.

Only later I learnt that there are bait averted species like German roaches that infested my home. I had to search for some other remedies.

Natural Remedy Experiment

Not willing to share my bed with these nasty creatures (I’ve heard they can bite people, but it didn’t happen to me, though), I started using natural repellents. Put some dried catnip in the corners, near the crevices they were crawling in and inside pillows. Not that the infestation stopped, but the bugs really started avoiding the places where herb smell was felt. I found bay leaves in the kitchen and put them near food stores, preliminarily hiding everything in closely sealed metal containers. Apparently, roaches started avoiding this room, too. But it resulted into higher aggressiveness: they lacked food and searched for it around the whole flat.

The Best Way to Get Rid of Roaches, What Really Helped

I was aggressive and desperate, as well. It was time to resolve to drastic measures. I don’t have a pet or any other family members living in this flat, so I was free to choose any remedy.


The best way to get rid of roaches was special powder.

Best way to get rid of roaches was special powder. I ordered one in Amazon and started killing the bugs. I did everything as was said in the instruction: applied it in the places where I saw roaches running, and spread it under the floor as correctly as I could. The first signs of improvement were noticed within five days. The population diminished considerably, and the insects seemed to be somewhat less active. I repeated the procedure twice: after two weeks, and then after a month. I have managed to win. It is three months since I’ve been living alone, without roaches disturbing me.

By the way, while using the powder I gave some to my neighbor to apply in the places roaches getting across from flat to flat. He said he didn’t’ t saw a bug in his flat since then.

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