Despite its name, American cockroach is far not native insect in the USA. The pest is also called a water bug and was brought to America from African continent. In the…

Facts about the American Cockroach, Identification and Control

Despite its name, American cockroach is far not native insect in the USA. The pest is also called a water bug and was brought to America from African continent. In the course of hundreds of years when trade was performed across the ocean the insect was brought to North America on board of the ships as well as to Greenland and Antarctica.

The roaches proved to be quite adaptive and despite the fact their native habitat was humid and warm, they managed to settle comfortably in colder climate staying at homes, various buildings and warehouses.

Identification of an American Cockroach

The roaches are very easy to identify as they feature peculiar characteristics that distinguish them from other representatives of roach family. They are reddish-brown and have a glossy body of about 1.5 inches long.

American cockroaches are winged, but they rarely fly. Mainly you can see them running on ceilings, walls and floors, rather then flying, although the roaches are perfect flyers. Due to difference in wings organization male roaches can be easily distinguished from females: the former have shorter wings than male pests. That’s why males look longer, although their body sizes are similar.

American cockroach are reddish-brown.

American cockroach are reddish-brown.

Where Do They Live and What Do They Eat?

The cockroaches nest and reside as a rule outdoors, but frequently pay visits inside in search of food and water. As the pests like warm temperatures, they tend to look for the ways to get inside as soon as it gets colder. The ways they use to enter your house are various: they can use any holes including shower drains or a sink. Your basement can be heavily infested with American cockroaches after heavy rains.

Typically, the cockroaches are found in a great variety of locations. They like huge institutional buildings as well as heat steam hear tunnels and garbage spots. They can also travel from one house to another. What is curious they don’t tend to prefer crevices or any small cracks, you’d sooner spot them on some spaces like walls high corners and so on.

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The majority of these insects would flee and hide if suddenly illuminated; still in general they are not afraid of illumination and would freely crawl across the room when lights are on.

As to food preferences, they feed themselves with decaying organic food, but are scavengers by nature so will eat everything. These insects are greatly attracted by sweets. Adults prefer moist food: they will treat themselves with human or pet food, but won’t refuse some starchy items such as wall paper or book bindings.

As any other pests, the cockroaches spread hastily. Female bugs can lay a dozen of their eggs which they then carry on the bag in the course of several days until they find some dark spot to unload them for hatching. The life span of a female roach lasts for a year at least.

How to Get Rid of American Cockroach?

Cockroach infestation tends to be a pretty popular problem in apartments, houses and warehouses. Of course calling professional exterminator will help to solve it very quickly, but there are other options as well.

Keep in mind that roaches are very filthy and they can contaminate your food supplies and spread various unpleasant diseases. They’re also able to cause allergies and even asthma. Thus, having them at your place is highly undesirable and you need to start getting rid of the pests as soon as infestation is spotted.

Infestation Signs

One of the signs you have the roaches in your home is spotting of a living bug, of course. If you turn on the lights and find a cockroach hurrying to hide there are no doubts at all. Still, there are other signs that may help you prove you have the insects at your place and one of the major ones are droppings.

Cockroaches leave droppings and egg cells and you’ll easily find them in all the dark locations they usually hide in. Also, you can understand the pests are present in your premises by a peculiar musty odor. It appears due to a special pheromone that cockroaches feature and that makes them live together in big groups.
droppings and egg

Cockroaches leave droppings and egg cells.

How to Prevent and Fight Infestation?

When it comes to fighting American roaches, there are two things that are required on the first place: exclusion and sanitation. Eliminate all food and water sources, keep your trash bin always tightly closed, don’t store piles of items where the insects may hide.

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All the cracks in your house that might lead indoors should be thoroughly caulked; all drains should be protected by special screens. Try to remove all source of moist around your dwelling: when the possibilities nesting will be reduced, cockroaches’ population will decline as well and their invasion to your premises as well.

For killing the pests use special chemicals provided online and in local stores. The choice of roach killers is immense due t the scale of the problem thus you can always pick up the remedy that will suit you.

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