Cockroaches are the most frequent insects infesting houses all over the world. Despite they don’t bite, their presence is extremely unwelcomed and people try to get rid of them by…

About Roach Traps: How to Make a Trap with Your Hands

Cockroaches are the most frequent insects infesting houses all over the world. Despite they don’t bite, their presence is extremely unwelcomed and people try to get rid of them by all means. And that is when the problem of choice occurs: people try to avoid using stinky chemicals that are not pretty safe for humans or feature nasty smell.

In this aspect roach traps can be a perfect option: their main goal is to capture the pests and hold them there until you dispose of the bugs. They present a pretty effective and easy means for fighting cockroaches. It’s safe and equally efficient for all the types of roaches.

Types of Roach Traps

Basically, any trap is just an ordinary container that has some bait inside it for attracting the insects inside.

The variety of these devices invented over the years is immense. However, there are two major types of cockroach traps: sticky ones and those that requiring some container. Both types include using some attractive for the insects food, so that they can be attracted into your trap.

It’s worth mentioning that sticky traps are first of all safe as they do not use any toxic chemicals. The factor might become decisive for those who have small children or pets. Such trap can be bought in any store and you won’t have any troubles using it at your house.

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How to Make a Roach Trap with Your Own Hands

Of course one can always use the recent production of chemical industry and kill all the annoying bugs around. But not all people are willing to use chemicals in their homes, and observe dead bodies of the insects lying here and there. In this case you can always opt for making your own device using the stuff that you already have in store or can easily buy next door.

You may opt for any of numerous commercial traps offered nowadays, but you are quite able to do it yourself with the help of uncomplicated ingredients. Homemade traps a pretty good alternative, that will let you save some money and kill cockroaches in a safe way. Here comes the choice of most popular homemade devices that you might get interested in.

Еraps for cockroaches you can do it yourself.

Еraps for cockroaches you can do it yourself.

Borax Traps

To make this trap you’ll need simple ingredients: dry milk – 2 tbls, borax- 4 tbls and flour- 3tbls. Mix all the ingredients thoroughly and add a tbls of sugar – you’ll get a solution that not a single roach will be able to resist!

We are going to use an ordinary plastic bottle as the trap body. Cut its top off and put several spoons of the «treat» you’ve prepared into the bottom of the bottle. You can also add some bread crumbles or other attractive for roaches food to make your device even more desirable for them.

With the help of masking tape stick two pieces of bottle together, with its top flipped inside upside down. Your trap is ready – place it in the place where the bugs’ activity was noticed recently and check your catch!

You will need borax, powdered milk and flour.

You will need borax, powdered milk and flour.

Vaseline Traps

That is kind of sticky traps that you can easily do yourself. You’ll need some food to attract the pests, Vaseline and a jar. There’s nothing more easy: just place some nice treat inside the jar and rub Vaseline around the jar top. To help the insects climb inside the jar, just wrap it in paper. Your «roommates» will be attracted inside by the smell of the food but Vaseline won’t let them get out. You can pour some liquid soap or boiling water inside to kill the cockroaches.

Sticky Traps

It’s analogous to the above mentioned Vaseline trap just you can use some other sticky mixtures for example jelly, syrup or sugar. Put some nice food on the bottom of a jar or some other container and then just coat it from the inside with the mixture. The bugs will get stuck in it and will have no chances for escape. You can also just pour some sticky mixture on the bottom of your container and let the insects stuck there for good.

cockroach catch

Sticky traps are a simple and effective way of dealing with cockroaches.

Drowning Traps

The principle of such trap is quite simple: you just use some liquids (for example wine or maybe soda) or ordinary water to drown the insects. Put several inches of any liquid into container and place it next to the walls in your bathroom or kitchen. The smell will attract roaches and they will climb into container and drown in the liquid.

Place traps where cockroaches often appear.

Place traps where cockroaches often appear.

Powder Traps

In these traps special toxic substances are used to kill the bugs. Of course you can place it right on the floor, but if you put the powder is some container, it will be much easier to dispose dead insects then. Punch wholes in a plastic bottle or some other container and put any powder you choose. Add some sugar or cocoa to attract the cockroaches. Your trap is ready!
ood that attracts cockroaches

Use food that attracts cockroaches (bread, for example).


  • For making traps use only utensils bought exclusively for this purpose, especially if you use borax for killing the bugs.
  • Food that is good for attracting roaches: milk, sugar, beer, dog kibble, bread, flour, peanut butter.
  • If you have unused bait, store it in a special place in a labeled bag out of your pets and children reach.
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