In fact, there is no separate species called “flying roaches”. Several types of bugs have this ability: American, Pennsylvania woods (males only), smoky brown, Cuban and Florida type (which are…

Interesting Facts about Flying Cockroaches

In fact, there is no separate species called “flying roaches”. Several types of bugs have this ability: American, Pennsylvania woods (males only), smoky brown, Cuban and Florida type (which are actually Asian). Since all the kinds are equipped with wings, theoretically they can use them. But do roaches fly? No, they may glide in the air for some time, but mostly run.

Do Roaches Fly, are Roaches Able of Flying?

Interesting to note that you can see the bugs flying mostly in mating season, when males are active searching for females to impregnate. In the other times, they just run and water bugs, for instance, jump only.

What also makes the species flitter is danger. If they are being hunted, fear makes the insects searching for the most effective methods to get away from the threat.

Characteristics of Flying Roaches

As a rule, such creatures are of bigger sizes, being 1.5-3 cm long, or even more. They have two wings allowing both gliding and winding the air very quickly. But mind that all species prefer to crawl, gliding only when really needed.

Do roaches fly?

Cockroaches can fly, but do this very rarely.

The reason why we don’t see so many roaches that fly is that they have quite massive bodies, compared with many other insects, and their anatomy does not allow being in the air for too long, with the body mass dragging them down. Instead, the insects are good runners, being capable of going 50 body lengths in a second.

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Are they Dangerous?

Many people scare big flying roaches to death, but are they actually more dangerous than usual ones? In its essence, these insects do not differ from running species. But they can transmit the same infections and diseases more quickly, landing on your belongings and home utensils. Plus, they can bite people with an easier access to them (though, you have to try hard to make the bug attack you).

Flying cockroaches are no different from ordinary cockroaches and can leave dangerous bites.

What also exposes danger is the ability of a flying cock roach to create new nests, promoting the spread of infestation. It goes without saying that these insects look disgusting and may scare some people with their appearance and noise. They are nocturnal creatures, and it is not pleasant when a bug bumps into you in the night. A bite may be the reason of typhus, bronchitis, tuberculosis, allergic reactions and other bad consequences.

How to Get Rid of Flying Roaches?

Since these bugs have slightly more advanced possibilities than usual ones, and able to move all around the house, it is not so easy to poison and to kill them.

How to stop the infestation, if usual baits and repellents do not work? You should act in several directions:

  • Buy some natural repellents: bay leaves, rosemary, catnip, peppermint, lemongrass, etc. and put them around the house. Their smell irritates the bugs, making them get away.
  • You see them flittering around your house? Buy a special spray and cover them with it right in the air. It kills the insects instantly, or some time later, allowing poisoning the others from the nest.
  • If you see the insects keeping in the air near some exact places, you can try installing baits there, which will attract them more.
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But if the infestation is too severe, and all your attempts to suppress it fail, it’s time to call disinfection service. Mind that the creatures expose danger to you and your house, especially if you have small children.

Now you know how to get rid of flying roaches, and are ready for the infestation, if it starts.

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