Home pests is one of problems that is hard to solve once it appears. They invade your house inconspicuously, colonizing every corner and bringing discomfort, damaging things and property, exposing…

About the White Cockroaches, German Roaches and How to Kill Them

Home pests is one of problems that is hard to solve once it appears. They invade your house inconspicuously, colonizing every corner and bringing discomfort, damaging things and property, exposing danger to your health. It goes without saying that insects look disgusting and some people scare them to death. One of the most widespread types of house insects is German cockroach, also known as white cockroaches. Initially, it existed in warm climate continents, originating in South Asia or Africa, but now is cosmopolitan in habitation, being present even in cold Northern Countries and most of islands.

What You Should Know About the German Roach?

What are German roaches? This is a small home pest that, if compared to Oriental and American roaches, has smaller sizes (about 1.1 – 1.6 cm), shorter lifespan, but is faster in reproduction, with new generations reproduced in 50-90 days.

This insect loves warm climate and temperature, about 20-30 °C, which is why it lives inside buildings where humans reside only. Besides, it invades restaurants, hotels, food processing factories, hospitals and other institutions where water and any nutrition can be found, and warm conditions are sustained. Thus, roaches may live anywhere to survive severe cold.
white cockroaches

Cockroaches like places, where they always have food and water.

Here are 13 Interesting Facts About this Pest Type:

    1. Although known in English-speaking cultures as the German roach, in Germany it is cold as the Russian roach, while in Russia it is named “Red roach”.
    2. It is that this species may survive through nuclear war, having a strong immunity against radiation and hostile conditions.
    3. German roach life cycle is 6-9 months, which is several times shorter than for any other roach species.
    4. In famine conditions they can start eating each other, biting legs and wings.
    5. It is a nocturnal insect that hides from people during the day, rooting around searching food while nobody disturbs them.
    6. Only half of baby German roach population survives, and dead nymphs are eaten by congeners.
    7. If disturbed or scared, a German roach emits specific odor.
    8. The insect transmits a number of dangerous infections, including Salmonella and Typhus. Besides, asthma in children is also sometimes conditioned by the presence of these pests in home.
    9. It is no wonder if you see German roaches in dishwasher, toaster, microwave oven, TV set and other electronic appliances. These bugs like the smell and taste of electricity, but are perfectly aware that it may kill them.
    10. The pest leaves small brown spots in the places of habitation. These are feces that appear to be highly toxic and may be severely contaminated.
    11. A growing population comprises about 20% of adult German cock roaches and 80% of nymphs.
    12. In severe conditions like food shortage or cold, the insect can control reproduction, limiting its growth.
    13. Why it is also called white roach? Its newly born nymphs are totally white, coloring while maturating.
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White, or German roaches differ from other species considerably. First of all, they grow only up to 16 mm, which allows living in small constricted places, inapproachable for humans. Secondly, although they are attracted to usual foods as meat, sugar, starch and bread, they can also eat toothpaste, glue, soap, wooden furniture and many other household items. Thirdly, they reproduce much faster than the other species: it takes only two months for German roaches eggs to turn into mature species.


What does a cockroach look like? If you observe the images of German roaches, you will see that they have slightly tanned to black-brown coloring with two stripes from head on their back and relatively long horns:

white cockroaches

They have relatively long horns.

If you suffer from roach infestation in your house and notice some red spots, these might be German roaches bites:


Bites may start festering, if infected.

These are small red spots that may start festering, if infected.

Ability to Fly

Do German roaches fly? They do have wings that may keep them in the air. If disturbed, a German roach may glide for some time, but usually they prefer running to flying.

About White Cock Roach Bites

Many people don’t know that German roaches do bite, but it happens very rarely. As a rule, these omnivores eat meats and plants, but can turn to something else if there is food shortage. There were cases when the insects ate human flesh (of both living and dead people), but it happens only when the population is overgrown and lacks nutrition. Usually, german roaches pest control does not allow them to reproduce so greatly.

Interesting to note that they nibble on feet and hands together with fingernails, and even bite eyelashes.

bed bug bites

Cockroaches carry dangerous infection, that’s why their bites dangerous.

Bites of these insects are dangerous, because they transmit infections causing serious diseases. If you get bitten by a roach, first, clean the wound with alcohol – it will kill the bacteria, preventing the infection. If in 2-4 days the wound grows bigger, swells or gathers matter, you should see a doctor.

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Where Did it Came From?

How do you get German roaches? Although many people claim it came out of nowhere, there are always certain reasons for the infestations:

  1. Your house is dirty, there are lot of food residues that attract the insects.
  2. Some of your family member has brought it (for instance, children getting back from college, school, summer camp, etc.).
  3. If you live in apartments, the pests may come from your neighbor’s home, especially, if they are being exterminates and migrate to search for a new shelter.

No matter what the reason is, you should know how to get rid of German roaches fast.

Natural Remedies for White Cockroaches

If you have pets or small kids, the battle with pests would be more problematic, because using of chemicals in such situation would be inappropriate. How to kill German roaches naturally? There are at least seven methods:

  1. Mix baking soda or vinegar with sugar, honey or other sweet eatable substance and place it near roach infestations. It will gas their stomachs up, killing the insects within several days.
  2. Make soap solution and spray it one the insects directly. It will clog their pores, causing instant death. You can also spray the solution on their nests.
  3. White roaches dread bay leave smell. Put some leaves around their nests, and they will run away, so you won’t have to kill them.
Garlic Clove

The garlic will help you in the fight against cockroaches.

  1. To kill the entire colony of German roaches, boric acid should be mixed with flour and sugar and put in the places where pests inhabit.
  2. Another roach repellent is the mixture or Listerine, water and some dishwashing liquid. Just spray it around the nest, and they will quickly get away.
  3. The same effect can be reached by applying the mixture of cayenne pepper, onion and garlic with water and a spoon of liquid soap.
  4. Adult species may be trapped in a jar, half full with water and placed near the wall.
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Special Remedies

If these methods don’t help, try the following products:

  • Eco Defense Organic Home Pest Control Spray – a versatile remedy against different pests, perfect variant, if you have pets or children.
  • Ortho 0196710 Home Defense MAX Insect Killer Spray may be used both outdoors and inside the house.
  • Harris Roach Tablets allow poisoning the entire colony.
  • Combat baits attract adult species, but contaminate the whole tribe.
  • Invict Gel Bait is a strong remedy that lasts for long.

These ways to get rid of German roaches appear to be more effective and quick than natural ones, but you should take all safety measures to avoid poisoning.


 clean your kitchen

Keep your kitchen clean.

Killing German roaches is a hard task, so it is better if you take care of your house before the invasion starts. Do the following to avoid the pests entering your home:

  • Keep your kitchen and bathroom clean. Clean all counters and tables, leaving no spots and crumbles. Always wash the dishes after every meal: you should see no German roaches in kitchen
  • Take the food out of pet bowl before sleep, and don’t forget to wash it. Refill it with fresh food in the morning.
  • Check the walls and floor for cracks, because German roaches can live there, making their way inside the basement and foundation.
  • Leave no residues of water in the bath, sinks and floor, wiping it with paper towels before night.
  • Take trash away everyday and don’t leave it around the house. Clean the backyard and the space around the house. Even small crumbles and food residues serve as a great source of nutrition for these little guys.
  • If you see a roach, try to trace it to the nest and destroy it.

Being aware of what will kill German roaches, now you are armed and dangerous, and ready to fend off the pests, if they appear in your house one day.

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