How to tell if your dog has fleas? If it keep scratching areas behind ears, biting itself on belly, and just is being aroused and stressful, the animal may be…

Flea Treatment for Puppies Practical Tips and Prevention Techniques

How to tell if your dog has fleas? If it keep scratching areas behind ears, biting itself on belly, and just is being aroused and stressful, the animal may be suffering from fleas. Check the fur: if there are small black feces and tiny jumping bugs, this is it. You may start treatment right away, but don’t forget to visit a veterinarian, because puppies require special care and attention.

Special Flea Remedies

Of course, to make treatment effective from the very beginning, you may buy special remedies and medications. Here are the most effective ones and suitable for small dogs and puppies 8 weeks and older.

  • Merial Frontline Plus is a remedy that is applied on the skin. It repels fleas, kills adults, nymphs and eggs and provides control up to 3 months. A good solution when the infestation only starts, or you want to prevent it.
  • Flea Away is a natural and easy way of dog flea prevention. Chewable tablets make skin emit chemicals that dread bugs. Besides, the capsules are enriches with vitamins and minerals that improve health of puppies.
  • Bayer Advantage II is a topical remedy for small dogs and puppies aged 4 months and older. It kills all fleas, including eggs and larvae and supplied protection for at least four weeks. It is water-resistant, and stays active even after bathing and shampooing.
  • VetriScience Laboratories is a topical repellent that kills small and adult fleas and eggs. Suitable for puppies 2 months and older. Creates strong barrier against the bugs and is water-resistant.
  • If you need to treat a newborn puppy, try Bobbi Panter Charlie Dog Shampoo. It does not irritate skin, repels fleas and ticks, and doesn’t wash away topical remedies.
Bobbi Panter Charlie Dog Shampoo

If you need to treat a newborn puppy, use Bobbi Panter Charlie Dog Shampoo.

How to Cure Small Puppies? 5 Essential Tips

Since puppies have sensitive skin and are not resistant yet to many special remedies and chemicals, flea treatment for puppies should be sparing. Be patient, and don’t apply all remedies at once! You can do the following:

  1. Wash your puppy regularly. Make a bath with warm water and liquid soap dissolved in it. You can also use shampoo for newborn dogs. Gently rub it into the skin on belly, back, legs, arms and all other body parts. You will see that fleas start going out from fur to survive. Comb the dog’s coat, and put the comb into a bowl with soapy water. Thus, you will make sure that pests are dead.
  2. Clean the house, paying special attention to carpet, dog’s bedding, furniture and curtains. You may use diatomaceous earth to dry eggs and insects out.
  3. Buy flea collar. This is both a good prevention method and repellent. Just choose the variants that do not emit smell and won’t irritate the puppy.
  4. How to cure flea bites? You can either buy topical medications that heal skin and reduce inflammation and itching. Aloe Vera gel or freshly cut leaves has calming effect. Another effective variant is calamine lotion. Pay attention to open sores, do not touch them!
  5. Go to a veterinarian. This is obligatory, if you are a caring owner. The dog may be infected without you knowing it. So it’s better if your puppy passes medical tests to define whether any it was infected by bacteria, or not. If there is an infection, antibiotics and antihistamines may be needed.
wash the puppy

Be sure to regularly bathe your puppy.

Puppies are very sensitive to many remedies. So before applying this or that medication, make sure it is suitable for small dogs and animals prone to allergy. And, of course, to exterminate bugs once and forever, keep dog’s environment clean.

Flea Treatment for Puppies: Basic Flea Prevention Rules

Treatment for flea bites and bugs themselves is a very hard and long battle, so you better ensure proper prevention. What can be done to keep the insects on bay?

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Watch where your puppy walks and who it communicates with. Avoid homeless pets, and don’t let it play with infested animals. Put flea collar on before every walk, just in case.


Check the coat for signs of fleas.

Keep your house clean. Vacuum it, always put fur away from dog’s bedding and furniture. And, of course, don’t forget to bath and shampoo your puppy regularly. It is too small to resists bacteria and pests without your help.

You can add some vinegar or apple cedar (pets love the second more) in dog’s drinking water. It will both deter fleas and make fur shiny and healthy.

Check puppy’s fur for fleas from time to time, for instance, when combing the coat. If you see fleas or their feces, start fighting quick off the mark. Also look at how the animal behaves. If it is irritated, depressed or aggressive, pests and health issues may be number one reasons for that.

Fleas are potentially dangerous and very irritating. Do not let them spoil the “childhood” of your pet. Exterminate the pesky pests right away with the help of most advanced techniques and remedies.

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