Flea collar is one of the most effective and affordable things for flea infestation treatment. The market offers abundance of different products, and this article presents the most worthy ones….

Review the 6 Flea Collars for Dogs which You Can Buy on Amazon!

Flea collar is one of the most effective and affordable things for flea infestation treatment. The market offers abundance of different products, and this article presents the most worthy ones. They will guarantee fast cure and safe, easy using.


Bayer Seresto offers several variants for small, medium and large dogs. It creates the barrier against fleas, lice and ticks that lasts eight months. The unique technology provides gradual release of active components month by month, which both kills fleas and repels them. The item contains not grease or any other components on it, and emits no odor, which makes it comfortable for your pert. A dog may wear it both in home and at the street without experiencing any discomfort. Besides, there is no expiration date: you may purchase a collar and store it for as long as you want – the effect won’t reduce further on.

It creates the barrier against fleas.

The collar is resistant to moisture, so you dog may swim, being bathed and shampooed in it. Its effect is not reduced by sunshine and rain. Although its cost is more than average, this is a safe and effective product that has mostly positive reviews. This is a good solution for temporary using, if you are not ready to spend about $100 a year for the protection of your animals.

Hartz Ultraguard

This widespread brand also offers collars of different sizes. When you purchase a new collar, just stretch it and put on your dog to activate. It will start repelling fleas and ticks, providing 7-months protection. The product is suitable for puppies aged 6 weeks and older. This collar not just keeps bug at bay, it repels them quite effectively. White and red colors are available, and there is also an X-Reflect Shield variation that reflects light for up to 450 feet, which makes it suitable for nighttime walking. Besides, this collar focuses pesticides away from people, to the pet.


It provides protection for 7 months.

According to some reviews, this product causes allergic reactions in some animals. In separate cases it is inconvenient for pets. Hence, you should test it carefully before wearing for long term. And figure out an appropriate size for your dog – some buyers complain that their pets were suffocating in these collars. Wash your hands properly with soap after touching the item.

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Adams produces a versatile solution: a one-size (up to 26”) collar that repels and exterminates fleas, their eggs and larvae. Emitted oils are spread on hairs, slowly covering the entire body of pet (stays active even when an animal is wet). The special chemicals break bugs’ life cycle, e.g. do not let eggs and nymphs grow further. As the result, flea population dies out. The collar provides at least seven months of stable protection, being water-resistant. This is a good one-step prevention measure, and the cost of such collar is reasonable.

Sentry Pro

Franks Deals sells affordable and safe collars that are very popular among users. A one-size collar (up to 23”) is simple in exploitation. It is soft and quite convenient for pets. Having light powdery smell, it doesn’t irritate a dog, and is suitable even for puppies aged 12 weeks and older. The product repels and liquidates ticks, fleas together with their eggs and larvae. The collar provides half a year of protection, which means it can be replaced twice a year only.


This soft and comfortable collar.

Its active components are propoxur, phenothrin and pyriproxyfen. Note that this collar is a topical remedy only! Make sure your pet won’t bite and chew it. After touching it, wash your hands thoroughly: it contains chemicals on the surface which may cause slight eye and stomach irritation. The producer cautions that the collar may cause allergy in some dogs, so if it occurs, try another product. Generally, this is an affordable and effective item with good price/quality ratio.

Flea collars for dogs: Scalibor

Scalibor (which is actually a protector band, not collar) is produced in three sizes, available for large (up to 25”), medium and small dogs and cats. It is adjustable, which makes it comfortable for a pet. Odorless and non-greasy, it exterminates and repels fleas and ticks, being active for eight months. Its main active is deltamethrin (an insecticide based on pyrethrum): it kills small and adult fleas and eggs. The band may be worn on constant basis. It is water-resistant, so you may wash your dog and let it swim.


This collar is water resistant.

The only drawback is that the item is toxic, so it should not be chewed. If your dog wears it constantly, make sure it doesn’t lick or bite the band, and small children do not touch it. The product is approved by veterinarians, so you can surely use it for infestation treatment and prevention without doctor’s prescription. Most reviews are positive, so your dog is likely to wear it without any problems.

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Salvo collar is available in two versions: small (up to 14”) and large (up to 22”). Six months of protection against pests are guaranteed, and the item stays active after contact with water. Salvo kills insects of any age together with their eggs on a dog and in its environment. Its active component Deltamethrin starts acting quickly, greatly helping in suppressing the infestation. The collar is waterproof, so your dog may swim and being bathed with shampoo. The item is suitable for long-term using, dog may wear it when being at home. Soft plastic feels quite comfortable. Special design without odor makes it comfortable and totally safe.

Since one package contains two collars, it is enough for a year protection, so the product has quite reasonable price. The reviews about this product vary: for some pets, it works perfectly, while in separate cases the collar causes itching and skin irritation. Thus, you should try it before using in long term, and if your pet shows any symptoms of allergy, or feels uncomfortable, purchase another product. Giving a bath helps clean off all chemical residues.

All these flea collars for dogs have proved to be effective, but there is no best solution that would be suitable for every single pet. When purchasing a collar, test it for some time ensure that it is safe and not irritating for your dog.

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