If you have serious problems with fleas dwelling in your premises, then most probably your animals are suffering the quite unpleasant skin dermatitis that is in fact an ordinary allergy…

How to Treat Flea Bites Dermatitis in Dogs : Effective Remedies for Your Pets

If you have serious problems with fleas dwelling in your premises, then most probably your animals are suffering the quite unpleasant skin dermatitis that is in fact an ordinary allergy reaction to the bites of the boogers. The symptoms of it can be really extreme and are in general very bothersome for your pets, so you might need some treatments that will relief their pain and itching. And the dermatological problem should be solved as quickly as it’s possible as it may turn into some more serious in no time. How to treat flea bites dermatitis in dogs and cats?

How to Treat Flea Bites Dermatitis in Dogs – First Aid

If you noticed that the fur of your cat or a dog living with you in the house is badly stuffed with fleas, be sure the problem of dermatitis is already here or on its way. As the pests suck your pets’ blood for food, they release saliva in order to not let blood coagulate quickly. The saliva is exactly the reason of allergic reactions that eventually cause dermatitis.

As a result of it poor animals start experiencing unbearable itching all over the skin: they try to scratch and bite the problem spots on their body and as a result the situation gets even worse. The skin gets inflamed and red rashes come out here and there all over the animal’s body. And it’s natural that extensive itching eventually leads to secondary infection of the rashes.

Apart from it being very painful and bothersome for the pets, the problem can also have quite serious consequences, thus it’s advisable that pet owners take immediate measures for treating flea bites and their results.

dog scratching

If your pet started to be scratched, an urgent need to show it to the vet.

Medicines for Dermatitis Treatment

Naturally, it’s highly advisable that a veterinarian should have a through look at your pet and prescribe the appropriate treatment. Both cats and dogs are as a rule cured with the help of oral antihistamines. To reduce inflammation and relief itching doctors often prescribe steroids as well. If your animal’s condition is already pretty serious, veterinarian may prescribe antibiotics as well. This happens when the skin condition is really bad and there certain features of bacterial infection.

Skin rashes also need to be treated to avoid further infestation. For this hydrocortisone sprays as well as topical ointments are often prescribed. These preparations are really effective in dermatitis cases and some kinds of them include aloe Vera that is excellent for moisturizing skin and effective soothing.

Also, you doctor may prescribe using a special flea shampoo. These types of shampoos feature a thoroughly elaborated medication formula killing bloodsuckers in animals’ fur. And of course don’t forget about flea collars.


Dermatitis in cats and dogs should be treated by a veterinarian.

How to Treat Dermatitis with Natural Remedies?

Certain natural remedies will also help you to provide relief to your home pets if they suffer itching after bites. Olive oil as well as vitamin E works perfectly in healing hot spots on your pets’ skin. Citrus extracts are also amazingly effective in controlling skin irritation after bites. Lemons also have a feature of repelling the insects.

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And of course the most important part of treating your pets is eliminating the source of the problem that is fleas. There’s small use in treating the rashes if you don’t kill the insects causing them. Numerous anti fleas products provided nowadays will let you make it easily and quickly. Choose between shampoos, powders or special sprays and pick the remedy that suits your case.

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