Both vinegar and borax have been used for decades to kill pests, but the principle of working is different in both cases. In which cases they help, and how to…

Vinegar or Borax to Getting Rid of Fleas?

Both vinegar and borax have been used for decades to kill pests, but the principle of working is different in both cases. In which cases they help, and how to use them correctly? Here are the most effective methods and recipes.

How to Prepare Vinegar Remedy?

The main reason for it to be effective against parasites is that they cannot stand its smell. There are two basic methods of application:

  1. After shampooing your dog or cat, add about a quarter of vinegar in water and pour it all over the pet. It will repel parasites, making them go out of the fur. After that, comb the coat to clean your pet of insects.
An alternative solution is to pour the remedy over fur, alternating it with pouring with warm water. Rub it by massaging motions, leave soap and vinegar solution for ten minutes and wash away.

Apple cider vinegar helps to get rid of fleas.

  1. Vinegar for fleas is also dangerous because of its acidity. Drip a few drops into the pet’s bowl with drinking water, and its leather will become too acidic for the insects. They will leave the host soon. Besides, it will improve your pet’s hairs, making them soft and shiny. Do not pour the substance into the cat’s water!

Vinegar or apple cider? They are both equally strong, but pets prefer apple cider, while usual distilled version may be used around the house to keep it clean.

Borax: More Effective Alternative?

Many people use borax for fleas, because it has proved its power for millions of pet owners. In comparison with the above mentioned remedy, it does not repel – it actually kills bugs by drying them out (such components are commonly called desiccants). Getting inside insects and eggs, it dehydrates them quickly, making it impossible to survive without water.

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If you use the acid as a part of homemade remedy, it will take from two to six weeks for adult to die out. But it will cease insects’ life cycle, and the pests wouldn’t regenerate, which means that in two-three more weeks all the insects, including eggs and larvae, will be dead. Hence, the remedy is good for long-term using, if treated responsibly and with all precautions.

Here’s how it should be used:

  • Clean the house reaching all the dark corners where fleas hide and breed: closets, under furniture, shoes, toys, pillows, curtains etc. Pay particular attention to rugs carpets – this is where fleas usually lay eggs.
  • Using a special push broom, work borax into carpets – the deeper you go, the more eggs and fleas will be affected. Also spread it in the areas under furniture, discreet corners and crevices, and places where pets rest and play a lot. But do not leave powdery residues – when inhaled, it can dehydrate and irritate lungs. You better wear face mask when working with the powder.
  • Leave it for 36-48 hours. You better not to switch fans and conditioners on during this time, because if the powder pervades the entire house, it will be hard to clean. And mind that borax is toxic, so you, your children and pets better not to contact with it.
  • Vacuum carpets and all places where the acid was left. Thus, you will clean dead eggs and flea corps off. Clean everything properly. Boric acid will provide one year of protection against parasites. But if you wash the carpet, the remedy should be reapplied.
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Getting Rid of Fleas: Vinegar or Borax?

Both remedies are effective, but they are used differently. While vinegar repels insects on a pet, borax kills them almost right away. You may combine these methods to achieve maximum efficiency, but keep in mind that the boric acid is toxic, and can expose danger to human and animal health. So if you have kids, use it cautiously, or do not use it at all.

Vinegar or Borax

Both remedies are effective, but they are used differently.

Getting rid of fleas is a breeze, when home remedies are used correctly and when you try both of them to fight the infestation.

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