If you have faced lice infestation, do not panic: there are numerous helpful remedies and home-made recipes for killing pests and keeping them at bay. Find out what the most…

17 Super-Effective Ways to Get Rid of Lice

If you have faced lice infestation, do not panic: there are numerous helpful remedies and home-made recipes for killing pests and keeping them at bay. Find out what the most useful methods are, and how to exterminate parasites totally. Before we start enlisting popular and high-performance remedies, it is essential to answer some frequently asked questions. For instance, how do you know if you have lice? As a rule, people start noticing it when scalp starts scratching severely, and nits are accidentally found when combing. Others may start noticing tiny white objects moving on a person’s head. Scalp skin dryness is another symptom of infestation.

Where do lice come from? As a rule, it is done via contact between people’s heads, especially when family members sleep in one bed. Parasites can stay on bed sheets, clothes and caps. That’s why bugs may even travel via clothes stored in checkroom. Insects do not live without blood more than 1-2 days, so it is impossible to catch them on the street.

Who can catch lice? Actually, hygiene does not play much role: insects may live on clean or dirty hair regardless of their length and color, and scalp dryness. Parasites are met on kids and adults, white and Afro-American people – they make no difference between us, being transmitted via head-to-head contact.

Combing is the Golden Rule

No matter what kind of insecticide you use, without rid id won’t be 100% effective. Combing is the main thing that should be done during your struggle against pests, because it allows removing eggs and preventing the growth of bugs’ population. Remember that this procedure should be done every single day, so be patient: it will take a lot of time. Find a comb with fine teeth made of stainless steel: it costs about $10, and can be purchased in any drugstore. Before starting to comb nits prepare your place by lighting it and having a towel on your shoulders to catch fallen insects and eggs. Ask someone to help you and do the following:

  1. Rinse hair with tap water, using a special shampoo or some other remedy against lice.
  2. Detangle hairs and start combing them from roots, and remove eggs. When combing a lock, fix it with hairpin and go to another. Thus, you will prevent re-infestation. You can use magnifying glass with light: it will help to detect bugs easier.
  3. When you combed the hair, wash the instruments properly and get rid of eggs to make sure they won’t hatch.
magnifying glass

Use a magnifying glass to see the lice.

Natural Power of Olive Oil

How to organize natural and totally safe lice treatment? Olive oil is known to have smothering properties and, what is important, interferes with bugs’ breathing ways. As the result, a bug suffocates and dies. Besides, it loosens the substance that fixes nits on hair. Mind that such kind of treatment is better to be made before sleep: apply the oil on head, put a shower cap on, and go to bed. In the morning, wash it away with a shampoo and warm tap water, and comb hair, pulling out eggs and bugs. You can repeat the procedure several times during four-sex weeks.
olive oil

You can repeat the procedure several times during four-sex weeks.

Try Permethrin Lotion

Permethrin (analogue of pyrethrin) is an ingredient of various over-the-counter remedies. It attacks live lice in hair and kills them within minutes. Despite being highly efficient, it should be used carefully, because parasites may become resistant to it, and the product tends to cause allergy in some people.

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Usage is simple: apply the lotion on shampooed wet hair (do not use conditioner) and work it in. Keep it for ten minutes, wash away and comb out eggs and bugs. This procedure may be performed a week or more after primary treatment.

How to Get Rid of Lice With Mayonnaise?

This product is considered to be one of the safest things for killing parasites on head. It makes lice suffocate and eventually die. Method of use is quite simple:

  1. Apply mayonnaise on hair and distribute it properly.
  2. Put a plastic bag on scalp (not entire head), or wrap it with plastic film.
  3. Leave it for at least 5-6 hours.
  4. Wash your head with regular shampoo, or special remedy – it will ensure better effect.
  5. Comb out the nits and bugs.

Hair Dryer as Additional Measure

Since lice are afraid of high temperatures, hot air is very helpful for killing eggs. However, it is not effective for exterminating live adult parasites. Compare: a usual bonnet dryer kills about 80-90% of eggs, and only 10% of insects. Blow dryer appears to be more helpful, killing about half of live bugs. So use hair dryer after washing head, and you will increase the chances of critter eradication. But keep in mind that you shouldn’t apply chemical remedies before hot air drying, because some of them may appear to be inflammable.

use hair dryer after washing head

So use hair dryer after washing head, and you will increase the chances of critter eradication.


This is the basic constituent of Natroba lotion – an organic insecticide that is made of bacteria living in soil. It is safe for children from 3 years, and may be used on daily basis. Studies show that spinosad is twice more helpful than permethrin. To perform treatment, apply the remedy on the scalp, work it from roots to ends of dry hair. Keep for 10 minutes, and rid the parasites. Be aware of side effects: spinosad may cause irritation of skin and eyes.

Tired of lice comb? Try Ivermectin

Another organic remedy that is proved to work is Ivermectin 0,5% lotion (also sold under Sklice brand) that contains soil bacteria. It is safe and can be used even with babies older than 6 months. How does it help to get rid of lice permanently? The ingredient paralyzes and exterminates nits and insects. According to the results of trials, most people experience visible improvement even after single application without nit combing during two weeks. The chances of side effects are minor: it can be skin or eye irritation. Usage is as simple as never: you just work the lotion into dry hair and scalp, and rinse in ten minutes. The procedure can be done several times a week.
ivermectin 05 lotion

The procedure can be done several times a week.

Discover New Properties of Hair Styling Gel

Although it was not testted, many moms swear that styling gel does wonders, making up for proper head lice treatment. It is supposed that the product clogs breath holes of bugs and suffocates them. Petroleum jelly is proved to be better than other home-made remedies, but it is harder to wash totally than styling gel. The procedure of use requires the same steps as written above: apply the gel on scalp and hair, put shower cap on, and leave for a night. Then wash it out, rid nits and repeat the procedure in 7 days.

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Benzyl alcohol lotion 5%

This remedy was sold under brand name Ulesfia was a real hit several years ago. It works by destroying parasite’s breathing system and making them suffocate. Note that it does not kill eggs. To achieve better result, apply the lotion at least twice: in two weeks after the second treatment you are likely to kill head lice entirely. Ulesfia is suitable for babies from 6 months, as well, but should be used cautiously, because it may cause eye and skin irritation.

Usage is simple:

  • saturate dry scalp and hair with the remedy;
  • wait ten minutes;
  • rinse it out, and use shampoo, if you want;
  • remove dead insects and eggs.

Shrinking and Wrapping: Method That Always Works

The name may be confusing, because it actually does not presuppose wrapping of any kind. What it requires is application of Cetaphil skin cleanser, a safe product that dries hair. After application, combing out should be done as properly as possible, then hair is to be dried. The procedure should be performed three times with pauses of one week. This method is good for children, and is recommended by many doctors. Studies show that in the end of the treatment, vast majority of patients were cured, and some manage to exterminate parasites entirely within 6 months after treatment.


After application, combing out should be done as properly as possible, then hair is to be dried.

Pyrethrum Shampoos: Proved by Time

How to get rid of lice fast? Resolve to a method that is typically prescribed by doctors, and is supposed to help you within a month or less. Pyrethrum is an active ingredient of many over-the-counter remedies. It is produced from chrysanthemum flowers which have organic insecticides. It works by spoiling the work of bugs’ nervous system, but will not necessarily kill all the critters, because some of them may develop resistance to the poison.

How to use a lice shampoo? Apply it on dry hair and keep for 10 minutes. Then pour water, work it on hair and scalp, and rinse. Repeat the procedure in 7-10 days to exterminate bugs that left. Watch for allergic reactions! You may apply shampoo on a small piece of skin and keep it for several minutes to check whether it gets red or starts itching. If allergy reveals, try another product.

pyrethrum shampoos

Repeat the procedure in 7-10 days to exterminate bugs that left.

How to Remove Leftovers of Remedies?

Perhaps, if you try some home-made remedies like mayonnaise or styling gel, they won’t be so easy to remove with the help of usual shampoo. That’s when dish soap can help you out. It dissolves fats and sticky substances, fully removing greasy mess. Some dish soap products like Dawn may even break down the glue sticking eggs to hairs, so it’s a good idea to try it before rid.

Tea Tree Oil Against Lice

This is a strong insecticide that exterminates parasites and soothes itching. It can be used two ways:

  • Mix tea tree oil and shampoo in the ratio of 3-5 drops and 1 ounce. Shampoo your hair with this remedy, then dry and comb our insects and nits. This mixture should be used for 2 months minimum.
  • Mix 3 tablespoons of olive oil and 1 teaspoon of tea tree oil. Optionally, you can add 1 eucalyptus oil spoon. Apply this mixture on scalp and head, work it into scalp. Leave for 20-30 minutes, and shampoo your hairs. This procedure should be done twice a week during 1-2 months.
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Use this remedy carefully, because it is strong and may cause allergy.

tea tree oil

Mix tea tree oil and shampoo in the ratio of 3-5 drops and 1 ounce.

 Ways to Use Vinegar

This is one of the oldest remedies effectiveness of which was tried by people worldwide. How to get rid of lice with vinegar? You can try using it three different ways:

  1. Apply pure cider vinegar on damp hair and scalp, working it in properly. Keep during ten minutes and cleanse with warm tap water. Detangle hairs and comb eggs and bugs.
  2. Pour a sink full of water and vinegar in 1:1 ratio. Emerge your scalp into it standing near the sink turned face to it, or sitting backwards. Keep your head like that for ten minutes and then wash thoroughly.
  3. Add vinegar to mineral oil and apply on hairs. Put shower cap on and leave overnight. The next day, wash your head with shampoo and rid insects and eggs.

LouseBuster: Try a Top-Notch Technology

How do you get rid of lice fast? LouseBuster is created for instant extermination. In fact, this device is a small vacuum-cleaner with a special brush on. It blows hot air on scalp and roots of hair to dry out bugs and nits. According to the results of experiments, LouseBuster device killed almost 100% of nits and about 80% of live bugs.

This method is very effective, but it is provided by certified operators only, so search for companies in your region. The procedure is safe and fast: typically, it takes about 30 minutes, and is suitable for children and adults with any hair length.


this device is a small vacuum-cleaner with a special brush on.

Malathion lotion

This insecticide is usually called Ovide (this is the brand name). It kills both eggs and bugs, but may cause skin irritation, stinging and burns of second degree. It is not suitable for kind under 6, and even may be inflammable, so it should not be complemented by hot air drying.  Usage is simple. Put it on dry hair, and keep during 8-12 hours. Do not cover with shower cap or anything else, and do not blow dry head. Shampoo hair and rinse in a sink (not tub or shower). If critters remain, you can repeat the procedure in 7-9 days again. Apply the remedy carefully: if you experience serious allergic reactions, better try another remedy. Store the lotion far from the sources of heat.

How To Get Rid Of Lice In Your Home?

It is important to remember that proper house cleaning also contributes to quicker extermination. Lice may fall and stay in the house, which is why other family members and guests may catch parasites, or re-infestation may occur. Take the following measures:

    • Vacuum clean the car seat where an affected person sits, especially where he or she rests head.
    • Change bed sheets, pillowcases, towels and pajamas every day, washing them in hot water and then performing high heat dry cycle.
    • Any non-washable item that were in contact with your child’ head (toys, hair bands, etc) should be sealed in a plastic bag during a couple of weeks. They can just be kept away from your kid while you are struggling against parasites.
    • Combs and brushes used by the affected person should be properly washed in hot water to be free from nits and bugs.

Remember that house cleaning does not stop the infestation, but it helps to prevent secondary infestation and ensure that insects won’t appear on someone else’s hair.

Now you know the most well-known remedies and methods of struggle against lice and their nits. Use them as soon as you notice the presence of parasites, and in several weeks or months you will forget about the pests forever. And don’t forget about prevention measures, as well!

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