Are you suffering from mice invasion? It’s time to put a stop to never-ending struggle! This article describes the most effective and reliable methods of mice extermination. Some of them…

Killing Mice Effectively: What Really Helps?

Are you suffering from mice invasion? It’s time to put a stop to never-ending struggle! This article describes the most effective and reliable methods of mice extermination. Some of them are aggressive, while others are more humane. Find out what their peculiarities are, and choose what suits you best.

Peppermint: Natural and Pleasant Detergent

Since rodents have strong sense of smell, they hate scents of many herbal oils, including peppermint. That is why you can buy a bottle of this remedy in a food or grocery store, and start using it right away. Just take several cotton discs (balls) or pieces of cloth and apply several drops of oil. Place them around your home, paying special attention to corners where pests are often observed. Don’t forget leaving the remedy near garbage, house entry, garage and heat vents. Replace the balls every 5-7 days, or when the scent starts fading away. Strong scent of peppermint will irritate little wreckers and make them search for another shelter. This is a cheap, simple and humane method.

Can moth balls help to get rid of mice? Although some claim such remedy helps, most people trying it claim that this products usually brings no positive effect – it is simply not created for deterring rodents.

Natural and Pleasant Detergent.

Give a Chance to Ultrasonic Repeller

Don’t want any mess with granules and sprays? Then order an electronic unit that emits ultrasonic waves. “How do I get rid of mice in my house with this gimmick?” – will you ask. The thing is that such a device produces alarming sound that humans cannot hear, while mice percept it and find very disturbing. It makes them flea and run away.

You should use one ultrasound repeller per floor. This method is still considered to be controversial, because some people claim it works, while others say it makes tremendous difference within a few days. It’s up to you to decide: buy a device and see whether it will make pests go away. In case of failure, you won’t lose more than $20-30 (by the way, it can still be used to repel mosquitoes).

ultrasonic pest repeller

You won’t lose more than $20-30.

Love Cats? Benefit From It!

If you or your children have been thinking of taking a cat, it’s high time to fulfill this dream. Will cats get rid of mice? Even if a kitten doesn’t finish the infestation, it will still serve the good turn for you. A little hunter can:

  1. Kill mice.
  2. Deter them and prevent from casting around your house.
  3. Leave feces and urine that irritate and scare rodents.
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Of course, you should be prepared to a nice mess made by cats and their prey, but it is worth the effect. So if you and your family are not allergic to fur, and would like to have a kitten, this is a brilliant solution!

the cat has caught a mouse

Get a cat.

Dried Snake Feces: Cheap and Stingy

If you don’t have curious children or pets, this kind of remedy can surely be used for dreading rodents. Is it possible to get rid of mice with the help of snake feces? You can try – its smell irritates and dreads pests dramatically. Where to get such a specific thing? Visit a zoo, a reptile center or a pet shop, and most likely, snake keepers will share it with you. Put dried poo near entrances and where pests usually hide and go.

This remedy will help to keep them at bay, and you don’t have to spend a penny on it! Undoubtedly, this is a good idea, if you are not afraid of having a few feces hidden in your dwelling.

 Why Many Choose Commercial Repellents?

Don’t want to waste your time trying home-made remedies or organic materials to deter pests? Then just spend some $20-40, and get a high-quality commercial repellent. Read customer’s reviews and select what appeals to you – most sprays appear to be really helpful in most houses.

You can easily find an organic repellent that is safe for both your family and nature. Today, producers aim at making more environment-friendly remedies, so you can surely use one for your garden, garage and residence. This is a reasonable alternative to poisons that expose danger to both pests and people. Directions for use:

  1. Apply spray in the places where rodents are usually noticed. Besides, splash it on house entries, crevices, near garbage bin, different discreet places of your dwelling, garage, attic, basement and other corners where pests may hide and organize nests.
  2. Re-apply the remedy after a week or two. If used in backyard or garden, apply after rainfall.
  3. Keep the product away from children and pets.

Natural ingredients in spray will deter mice, and, probably, aggravate them and prevent from searching food and shelter on your territory. A spray is also a very humane and safe method of infestation control, and its price is really worth paying.

Three Ways to Trap a Mouse

If getting a cat is not an appropriate solution for you, you are free to select a reasonable alternative. How to get rid of mice in garage, attic, hall, or another room? Trapping allows stopping small- and medium-scale mice infestations, targeting certain rooms and places. Here are three variations of traps you can make:

  1. A live-catch trap allows capturing a pest without actually killing it. As a rule, this is a wooden, metal or plastic box that shuts when a pest enters it. But remember that as soon as a mouse is trapped, it has some 12-24 hours to be released by you. An animal can die of dread, dehydration, or lack of oxygen.
  2. Instead of buying a live-catch trap, you can organize it with the help of items at hand. Take a glass bowl, a big coin and something to lure a rodent (they like cheese, bread, crackers, chocolate). Place a bowl upside down, balancing it with a coin put on its edge (make a gap for a pest to crawl under the bowl). Don’t forget to put the bait inside. As soon as a mouse enters this trap, a bowl will lose balance and cover it entirely. Remember that a mouse may die because of lack of fresh air, so it should be removed within a few hours.
  3. Snap-trap is not a humane method, because it usually kills or injures rodents. Its action slightly differs from the live-catch traps. When a mouse gets the bait, metal trap mechanism slaps and presses the animal to wooden base. It is not just painful for a pest – it may be fatal, because the spring is very strong. Despite being cruel, this method allows making sure that the critter will never get back to your dwelling and disturb you again.
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Remember that if you want to release captured pests into the wild, you should go at least 1.6 miles away from home. Ideally, it should be a place far from any other human dwelling.

mouse trap

Trapping allows stopping small- and medium-scale mice infestations, targeting certain rooms and places.

If You Have Resolved to Use Poison…

How to get rid of mice when traps don’t work? If rodents have learnt to ignore traps, you may just try to poison them. It means that they will die because of food they eat, not where it is placed. Today, poisoning is supposed to be inhumane, because it kills rodents by dehydrating them. However, this method is really effective, and allows stopping infestation entirely. Mice expose risk of infections and serious diseases, so if you have to choose between mice’s health and your family’s, the choice is evident. Here are few recommendations concerning safe use of poison:

  • Place baits with poison in hidden places out of children reach. Mice usually hide under baseboards and other furniture, in piles of clothes and different stuff stored in garage and attic, near garbage bins, etc. Do not live baits on the open space.
  • Also do not leave them outside your house so that not to expose other pets to the risk of poisoning.
  • When handing baits, wear gloves and throw these away after use, and wash your hands with soap properly.
  • If you have some baits left, store them in closed containers where kids or pets will not get them.
  • Don’t forget to dispose of dead mice, if you find these in your house. You may put a body in a zip bag and throw away.
rat poison

This method is really effective, and allows stopping infestation entirely.

How Can I Get Rid Of Mice In My Walls?

If you hear scratching and squeaking inside walls, mice could have organized nest there, or appeared there eventually, when entering your house via eaves. The first rule: do not use poison, because if a poisoned mouse managed to get inside the wall and die there, you may have serious problems of bad smelling.

A good option is to install snap-traps near the places where mice roam. You can put them along the wall and leave a bit of peanut butter nearby. Since mice typically go near walls when getting to other rooms, they are likely to be attracted to bait. Another method is to drill a small hole in your drywall and place a cardboard box with the same entering against its surface. Make the top of the box transparent (cover with cellophane). Place food bait inside, and wait till pests start getting inside. Usually, it helps to exterminate all the rodents inside walls.
mouse traps

Install snap-traps near the places where mice roam.

What Can be Done to Prevent and Stop Mice Infestation?

Mind that all of these methods will be far more effective, if you keep your house clean. Food leftovers, leaking pipes, dirty dishes – all that serves as a great source of nutrition for the critters. Don’t leave a chance for them! Vacuum clean your dwelling on a regular basis, clean every corner, and check it for mouse presence. Store foods in properly closed or sealed containers (ideally, metal, because rodents may gnaw through plastic and wood). While trying to stop infestation, you may store eatables in a fridge (if that is possible).

Check your house and basement for crevices and holes made by rodents. If you find entries, fill them and seal them to prevent further invasion. Sometimes damage is too serious, then you have to call repair services.

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Now you know how do to get rid of mice in your house with the help of most widespread and full-fledged methods. Use them, and remember to deprive mice of any access to foods and water, because this condition is crucial to win the battle.

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