Rat infestation can be suppressed, if right repellents are used. Hesitate what to apply for your apartments, garden, or car? Check for the best animal pest repelling products available in…

7 Most Effective Rat Repellents That You Can Buy on Amazon

Rat infestation can be suppressed, if right repellents are used. Hesitate what to apply for your apartments, garden, or car? Check for the best animal pest repelling products available in the Internet.


This is a natural rat repellent that also works for many other rodents, including mice and moles. What makes it special is an organic formula without chemicals and poisons that allows using it even in homes with pets and kids, and even around plants. Granules discharge vapors that disorient rodents and repel them. A proprietary blend of essential oils irritates all senses of animals and their nervous system, at the same time being pleasant for people. The remedy is sprinkled in the areas where animal pests reside and appear eventually.

The remedy is suitable for being used around house, in backyard, garden and some discreet places inside dwelling. Although it is non-toxic, the remedy should not be inhaled too much by people and pets. The main merit of this product is safety and organic contents and agreeable price ($16), and its drawback is average efficiency: there is no warranty that pests won’t come back.

This is a natural rat repellent that also works for many other rodents.

Ultrasonic Pest Repeller

If there is no effect from a usual rat repellent, ultrasonic device will be a perfect alternative. It generates electromagnetic waves that go even through walls and repel pests, keeping them far from your house. It also creates unfavorable conditions for existing pests which allows dismissing them naturally and without killing or poisoning. A perfect variant for people who prefer humane methods of treatment!

This device is absolutely safe for home pets: they won’t hear sounds unbearable for animal and insect pests. No more chemical rat repellents – sound will do everything instead of it. Rats, mice and other rodents will leave their hiding place and flee from your house instantly. Besides, this is a very sensible solution for people with low budget – one device costs $13, and works all the time. Its only disadvantage is the fact that it doesn’t work in all cases, and big houses require several devices to be put on different places.

Ultrasonic Pest Repeller

This device is absolutely safe for home pets.

Rodent Defense Small Animal

Going to use a rat repellent outdoors? Want to deter rodents and other small animals invading your backyard? This spray will solve the problem, repelling rats, mice, raccoons, rabbits, squirrels, moles, etc. Its natural formula irritates sensors of pests making them flee. Usage is quite simple: spray is applied in places where rodents hide or appear eventually. It may be sprayed on plants, as well. It acts immediately, and provides several days of protective shield for one’s house and garden.

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Generally, the remedy is quite effective against various kinds of pests, but it is quite expensive: almost $90 for 32oz.

Vehicle Protection by Exterminators

Rats and other rodents often find engine compartments very attractive places for their nests. As the result, they do a lot of mess there and start chewing electric wires. Exterminators brand offers a rat repellent spray for cars that protects against rodents and damage they do.

The remedy is quite safe, because it contains a blend of essential oils and spices. May be applied both inside a car and around motor area. A perfect solution for car owners, agreeable by both price ($18) and quality.

Vensmile Solar Powered Repeller

If you search for a noise rat repellent in your garden, try a device of Vensmile company. Its solar battery activates the device, making it emit sound and vibration every 40 seconds. When rodents hear this alert signal, they live the surrounding area. The device keeps pests away at up to 7.000 sq.ft. A great solution for houses with pets and small children, and if dwellers are allergic to chemicals.

Vensmile Solar Powered Repeller

The device keeps pests away at up to 7.000 sq.ft.

A 15” long aluminum tube allows attaching the item firmly, and its weatherproof design makes it perfect for both summer and winter time. This is a vet cost-effective solution that helps to save money on electric repellents. For just $26 you get a device that will serve for years and years. Are there any drawbacks? The producer claims that for better results devices should be installed at the distance of 30 meters from each other, so if you own a huge backyard, be ready to buy several items.

Eco Defense Repellent

This is a safe and effective rat repellent for home that can be used in houses with kids and home animals. The remedy contains a special blend of essential oils that rats and mice can’t stand. It smells pleasant for humans, though. The spray can be used anywhere: from attic to basement, outdoors and inside dwelling. This is a wonderful rat trap substitute: homeowner doesn’t have to clean up any poisoned pests, because they are just repelled and kept away.

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Suitable for all kinds of rodents, this spray is a humane method to repel invaders. There are no chemicals, pesticides, and any other poisonous components. It costs $25, which is an average price. An absolutely perfect product.

Eco Defense Repellent

Means contains mix of essential oils which don’t love a rat.

Grandpa Gus’s Natural Repellents Pouches

Not satisfied with usual products sold in home depot? Rat repellent like that will provide ideal protection against rats and mice, serving as an air freshener as well. Pouches are placed anywhere you see rodents (intended for indoors using only), and their contents emit smell that keeps animal pests at bay. No mess from granules and dust – pouches provide clean treatment, and make air fresh.

This product may be applied in usual houses, restaurants, car cabins, workshops, hospitals, etc. A versatile solution for reasonable price ($20). The only disadvantage is that one 4-pouch pack may be not enough to protect the entire house (depends on the area defended).

These seven repellents will definitely help you to eliminate rats and keep your dwelling, garden or car clear from small animal pests for a really long time.

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