Fancy rats are among the most popular pets in the world, being easy to care about and fun to play with. In many cases, these animals are preferable to cats…

Facts About Fancy Rats That Everybody Should Know!

Fancy rats are among the most popular pets in the world, being easy to care about and fun to play with. In many cases, these animals are preferable to cats and dogs, but they also require a lot of care and attention to live their short lives happily.

What Kinds of Fancy Rats Exist?

In fact, these rodents can be classified according to different criteria. For instance, there are brown, black, ruby and pink, or odd-eyed animals with white, brown and grey as the most widespread fur colors. Besides, there are separate rare kinds, for instance, hairless and ones with markings on their fur. Manx variety doesn’t have tail: this is the result of genetic mutation. Dumbo type is the one with enlarged round and low ears.


Rats can be classified according to different criteria

Fancy rat facts, size, lifespan, colors

Domesticated rodents differ from wild ones dramatically. First of all, they are smaller, and may have various colors of coat and slightly different anatomy. Secondly, this variety tends to be less aggressive, easier to teach and more willing to communicate with humans. Here are some more fancy rat facts:

  • Initially, this type of animals was bred in laboratories.
  • Some types (for example, Manx) are not allowed to be used on expositions and participate in contests, because they are prone to illnesses and genetic deficiency.
  • One female can give up to 13 babies in one brood.
  • Although wild rats are considered to be more intelligent, laboratory type is easier to teach tricks.
  • Even those animals that have lived the entire life at home, may transmit diseases and bacteria causing them (Salmonella, bite fever, tapeworm, streptococcus, etc.).
In comparison with their wild counterparts, domesticated rodents have longer lifespan (about 2-3 years), which is conditioned by good nutrition and normal sanitary conditions. Fancy rat size is 14-18 inches long together with tail, and they have smaller brains, kidneys, heart and liver than wild ones.

Domesticated rodents differ from wild ones dramatically.

If you look at photos, you will realize that there are hundreds of species, each having unique fur, marking and eye color and their combinations. Besides, animals are classified according to coat type: rex (when all hairs including whiskers are curly), velveteen, satin (very soft fur), and Harley (when hairs are straight and coarse).

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Which Rats Are Sold, and How Much Do They Cost?

Any type of rodents can be found on the market, with the most widespread varieties going for $3-10 (it depends on the quality of breed). In store, usual rats for sale cost $7-14. Species from more respectable breeds are sold for $25 a pair. The price can be higher for rare types, and, of course, these are harder to find.

Fancy Rat Care

For a rodent to live long and happily, it should be cared about properly. First of all, it requires healthy eating. Fruits and grains are preferable, and water bottle should be placed inside the cage for the animal to have constant access to it. Besides, rodents with their ever-growing teeth always need something to chew on, for instance, wooden chips or treat sticks.

Secondly, it should be treated carefully: avoid lifting an animal by tail, and don’t squeeze it in hands. They are very sensitive to touch, and they also don’t like being irritated constantly.

The domestic rat needs to give fruit and grain.

What Size the Cage Should Be?

A normal cage should have solid floor, being with not more than ½ inches of bar spacing. Its optimal volume for young rats is 2-2.5 cub. inches, while older ones may require bigger versions. A house for an animal companion should be spacious enough to place feeder, bowl for food, running wheel, and constructions for climbing. A small wire cage costs about $50, while the prices for bigger “apartments” start from $80.

Fancy rat is the best variant for those who need a pet interesting to play with, and easy to care about. Funny and intelligent, such an animal may become a good friend.

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