For centuries rats have been unpleasant animals for people. The humans are very vulnerable to diseases rats spread. This is factually one of the most global reasons why we don’t…

How to Kill Rats Fast and Without Poison – 5 Effective Ways!

For centuries rats have been unpleasant animals for people. The humans are very vulnerable to diseases rats spread. This is factually one of the most global reasons why we don’t feel like seeing those rodents in our homes. During this long period of struggle people have worked out a variety of ways how to kill rats naturally.

 Natural Enemies

Pets, among them cats and some breeds of dogs look at rats as potential territory invaders. Accordingly, they also lead war against the pests. As for the rats themselves, these furry animals are very cautious and smart. If they see a danger in a cat or other animals, they often go away from the place. But there are some offensive disadvantages. Unfortunately, you won’t predict whether your cat will agree to prey on rats.

The reasons are not attributed to the laziness. Sometimes rats are so big that they can frighten your pet cat. In this case such dogs like dachshund or fox-terrier will appear more likely to catch unwanted gnawing guests. Some wise householders fairly often use the rats’ fear of cats. Witty people place even cats litter near holes where rats come in. It can be enough to get rid of rats naturally.

cat catches the rat

Сats and dogs perceive rats as threat and can help you to catch them.

Snap Traps

You can force rats go away faster by setting snap traps with any bait they like. The most famous one is of course cheese, but did you know that rats are very fond of bacon, grease and sweets (especially chocolate and peanut butter). Change the menu used for baits periodically in the traps to increase the effect.

Rats are much wiser than we can imagine. Having seen their sibling dying in a trap, a rat will never approach to it. There is a way to lessen rats’ suspicious behavior by placing traps in the spots where rats often wander. Don’t set them at least a few days for rodents to get used to such thing on their pathways. After this trick rats won’t be afraid of traps until the time of total death. From time to time put even a piece of their favorite food in the trap.

In 2-3 days after such a paradise (be patient and calm during this period) set the traps – the more, the better – and positive results won’t be long in coming. Trap death is considered the least cruel one among many other methods as it comes immediately without suffering.

rat trap

Use traditional traps for rats.

Home Remedies

If you feel that the taken measures aren’t quite effective, add some home remedies to kill rats naturally. These could be:

  • The plant isn’t only unpleasant for rats. They can’t stand its smell, because it is lethally dangerous for rodents. Arrange mint leaves near rats’ tunnels, in the kitchen, in the attic, etc., and you will get pleasant and at the same time effective aroma against rats. By applying the plant you shouldn’t think about seeking dead rats’ corps around the house. These animals are quite wise to avoid the dangerous place and they will soon leave you themselves.
  • Ammonia kills rats too. Just sprinkle or place balls moistened with ammonia in rats spots, and the problem is easily solved.
  • Ash is a helpful thing against rats though it doesn’t kill them. This substance, scattered on the floor, sticks to the pests’ paws and irritates their skin. Rats become nervous and prefer to change their forage place.
  • Bay leaf, onions, pepper are also effective rats’ killers.
mint leaves

Rats don’t love a mint smell.

 Powdered Gypsum

This method correlates to the poison usage. Meanwhile it isn’t so toxic. This is powdered gypsum. Mixed with wheat flour and water it becomes powerful bait that kills by stuffing rats’ stomachs, then it becomes hard and lead to death in the end. Be very careful; don’t let home pets enjoy it, because it is equally dangerous for them too.

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Other Tools

It is linked with using different appliances to escape or kill rats:

  • Glued traps. Though they aren’t very humane in killing methods, but should enrich your weapon arsenal in fighting with rats. Sticky strips with bait in the middle are placed in rodents’ pathways. The pests won’t walk the strips through and will die from either hunger or asphyxia desperately trying to flee.
  • Catching things. Capture rats and deal with them whatever you feel like. Numerous cages and handmade non-killing traps won’t be out of the list of effective methods to kill rats and mice without poison. So you should take a big bucket full of water. Don’t forget to place sweet bait at the edge of the bucket. Rats can’t swim for long and soon will drown.
  • Ultrasonic devices are effective up-to-date appliances, which help to free your house from all kind of pests, being withal absolutely safe for people and pets.
Ultrasonic devices

This is the effective remedy from rats.

How to Get Rid of Rats Outside?

Remember that all your taken efforts in killing rats can be neutralized if you fail to find the roots of rats’ infestation. The clue factor is to make your house or other territory unattractive for pests. And here are basic rules to prevent rats entering your house. They are crucial, especially when you choose ways of their prolonged death. The problem is buried in rats’ tendency to hide somewhere you’re unlikely to find them. As a result, rotting corps will attract more other parasites, which will worsen your problem. Exclude such difficult places from your territory.
  • Check all communications properly and remove all leaks and damages.
  • Watch carefully all places for any dives and cracks. Mind that any hole is a possible entry for rats. Close your house from outside potential pests.
  • Remove all litter from the backyard, store it temporarily in special easily closing boxes. Keep the garden clean and tidy.
  • Keep bushes and trees’ branches farther than 3 ft from your house walls.
  • Don’t let the grass grow too high. Trim it short and regularly.
  • Grow peppermint around.

Put mint in a garden and shortly cut a grass.

How to Get rid of Rats Fast?

Apply all of these methods in complex to throw away rats and avoid their increasing population. To make it faster, follow the next useful tips:

  • Store the food in hermetically sealed packages.
  • Don’t let food crumbs lie safely on the countertops (unless they are placed there strategically).
  • Hide even pets’ food after it successfully has a meal.
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War against rats demands lots of patience and insistence in reaching the success. Combine various methods of rats’ eradication with making your house inaccessible for them.

  1. i keep having rat problems. we block and reblock there holes and they keep coming in the house. i need a remidy that will kill or get rid of the rats and wont hurt my pets.

  2. I read an article that said to buy some dry ice and put about 2-3 scoops inside the their holes in the ground and it will put them to sleep and no more problems. The city of Chicago has done this and said it works well.

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