Small and fast, spiders are very hard to get and kill manually. And to control their infestation, strong remedies are required. There are tens or even hundreds of spider repellent…

3 Best Spider Repellents Sold on Amazon!

Small and fast, spiders are very hard to get and kill manually. And to control their infestation, strong remedies are required. There are tens or even hundreds of spider repellent offered in the Net, and we will observe the ones that really work and really make little pests go away.

Star brite Spider Away Natural Spider Repellent

If you have pets and children, a safe and smart solution is required. Star brite is an ideal spider repellent, because it is versatile and safe. It consists of 90.5% water, 7% vinegar and 2.5% peppermint oil, which is why its pure content is non-toxic, and can be applied on different surfaces. But note that such solution does not kill insects – it only provides spider control by repelling them. The strong smell makes pests go away.

How to Use?

Before applying the spray on surfaces where spiders live and make webs, use Star brite Stain remover. Spray it and clean the places with a duster, and webs with droppings will disappear. Then use the product itself: spray it on surfaces, get into cracks and seams. Note that the processed area should be clean and dry. It will provide excellent protection right after the first usage, keeping insects at bay.

The repellent works well on all kinds of surfaces: metal, vinyl, plastic, fiberglass, wood, etc. When the remedy is applied in closed rooms and cars, they should be ventilated for several hours, because the product has strong smell.


Note that the processed area should be clean and dry.

Where It Can Be Used?

This remedy is perfect for homes, garage, boathouses, docks, cars, basement, shed and other areas that are closed. It is also safe for houses where pets and children live. But note that it should not be applied on leaves, bushes and foliage.


Don’t spray means on a grass.


Cost of $16 is quite reasonable for such an effective spiders spray. One bottle is enough for getting rid of pests totally, lasting several months. Besides, some sellers provide sales. Star brite is a good solution for those who value safety and want to use humane methods for fighting with infestation. Besides, it protects from mess left by these bugs.

Cravegreens Pest Control Ultrasonic Repeller

Those who are against using any chemical at all, may try ultrasonic repellents. These are on demand for tens of years, and many users claim that such items help against most types of animal and insect pests. Cravegreens offers a set of four devices that can be plugged in around the house, providing overall protection.

ultrasonic repellents

This device helps to frighten off a large number of insects.

How to Use?

The user is only required to plug a repellent into a power outlet and check whether it works (lights will turn green indicating that device is okay and is activated). Since this is a set, all devices should be placed in different parts of dwelling, e.g. evenly distributed around the house. It is recommended to use one unit per floor.

As a rule, it takes 2-3 weeks to see the results. Pests hear ultrasonic sound that is unnoticeable for people and pets, and electromagnetic influence also affects spiders, making them flee. If no results are observed, the producer guarantees money back.

Cravegreens Pest Control Ultrasonic Repeller

Results are visible usually in 2-3 weeks.

Main Advantages

Cravegreens Ultrasonic Repellent is a nice alternative to chemicals, toxic repellents, poisons and risky spiders traps, which is especially important for people who have kids. In addition, it helps to fight with rodents, other insects including ants and roaches, and mosquitoes.

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The effect from this solution is visible soon – in three months, insects flee, and a user only needs to clean the places where they lived.


For those who has this excellent means children.


One set for 4 devices costs about $40, which is higher than the price of other repellents, but turns out to be more cost-efficient. You buy it once, and don’t need any other remedy to be combined with this kind of treatment. Besides, this ultrasound reaches all corners of a house, even cracks, space between walls, basements, crevices, etc – there is no need to search for pests and their nests. The apparatus does not spoil or break any other electronic devices. Thus, ultrasonic repellent is a very beneficial solution.

Generally, Cravegreen ultrasonic repellents are safe and non-expensive, but the effectiveness of this solution is not proved – some users claim it does not help. Thus, it’s up to you – check this item or try something else. Non-Toxic Pest Repelling Pellets

Another strong repellent is diatomaceous earth. Being produced in pellets, it is simple to apply, safe for kids, plants and animals, and can be used both in rooms and on backyard. The granules have no toxic elements and are composed of clove, mint, lemongrass, cinnamon, cedar and other essential oils that deter spiders.


It is a safe repellent for plants, pets and children.

How to Use?

Pellets should be spread evenly around yard (on up to 150 meters). They will last up to one year providing strong protection against rabbits, rodents, insects, snakes, and even deer. If used in home, these pellets are to be put in discreet places, and corners where spiders live and make nests (basement, wardrobe, drawers, space behind furniture). Although it is non-toxic, repellent should not be touched or eaten by pets or small kids. Generally, this product is suitable for all rooms.


If used in home, these pellets are to be put in discreet places.

How It Works?

When being eaten by spiders, diatomaceous earth dehydrates them intensively making insects’ exoskeleton break. Thus, pests die within one-two days. Essential oils comprising the contents repel bugs and make them run away from the source of irritating smell.

dead spider

The spider eats the earth and dies after a while.


The pellets cost $27. Not a high price, because the remedy lasts about one year. One pack is enough for leaving the remedy around the house and inside it. Thus, solution is great for those people who are ready to suppress the infestation by actually killing the pests.

These solutions have proved to be most cost-effective and safest products, and are the most demanded items for spiders control bought in Amazon store. It’s up to you to select a solution that meets your exact demands!

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