Although there are more than 40.000 species of spiders existing on our planet, only 30 of them expose real danger to people. As a rule, poisonous spiders bites are not…

Most Poisonous Spiders on Earth (With Pictures)!

Although there are more than 40.000 species of spiders existing on our planet, only 30 of them expose real danger to people. As a rule, poisonous spiders bites are not lethal (if a person seeks for medical help immediately after being attacked), but real monsters that may kill do exist around us. Meet the deadliest bugs and learn what their appearance is.

Wolf Spiders

The Lycosidae family is a large group of arachnoids that are spread around the entire world. They are called this way because of their habit of chasing a victim and pouncing on it. They are relatively small – maximum body length reaches 2.5 cm. Most wolf spiders have slightly prolonged stout body with long legs, they are brown with dark hairs. They can also be distinguished by four pairs of eyes looking right at the prey.

Most wolf spiders have slightly prolonged stout body.

These insects usually live under stones, fallen trees, leaf litter or logs, but sometimes may invade people’s houses, especially if there are some other bugs infesting it. Most species organize nests underground, and practically none of them spin webs. Females bear egg sacs that are attached to spinnerets (it looks like a big white ball):

Wolf Spiders eggs

Females bear egg looks like a big white ball.


When eggs hatch, a mother carries newly born spiders on its back for several days. If you don’t want to be bitten, better avoid contacting with females caring about their babies. But generally, these species are not prone to aggression, and attack only when there is no way out. Is a wolf spider poisonous? Its bite can lead to nausea, dizziness, or elevate heart rate. Pain lasts about 10 minutes. If a person is not prone to spider poison allergy, he or she will not suffer or die from such an attack.

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Poisonous Spiders: Black Widow Spider

This bug is the most notorious one in Australia. Black widows may have red markings on their back (these are more poisonous), or not, but in both cases poisonous spiders bites cause really bad consequences. These include severe pains, swelling around wound, cramps in stomach, excessive perspiration, and latrodectism (muscle contraction). If first aid was rendered soon after bite, a person will quickly recover without complications, but young people and the elderly may die. There are lethal cases caused by strong allergic reactions (even when people were not prone to allergy at all). Today, anti venom may be rendered almost in any hospital globally, and 99.9% of bitten people survive.

This is one of the most poisonous spiders in Texas and some other USA states. Usually, people are attacked when being in forests and mountains. So be careful when you go rambling.

Black Widow Spider

This is one of the most poisonous spiders in Texas.

Brazilian Wandering Spider

Although its name suggests that such insects can be met in South America only, this spider can be met everywhere. First, it does not live in its webs – there are numerous reports describing how people found the bugs in their houses in piles of clothes, products, wardrobes and even beds. Secondly, this species is also called banana spiders, because they “travel” in boxes with fruits. Are banana spiders poisonous? Yes, and they are five times more venomous than Black Widow!

Brazilian Wandering spider

They are five times more venomous than Black Widow.

Its poison is as strong as one of snakes. When getting into body, it triggers muscle control loss, and breathing problems that may turn into paralyzed respiration and even asphyxiation. Men may also experience several times of hard on that is very painful. Luckily, there is an effective anti venom that saves people from death.

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Sydney Funnel Web

In comparison with many other spiders who tend to avoid contact with people, this insect will climb on its victim leaving a row of bites, making sure it injected the poison entirely. Besides, this insect has firm fangs that allow biting even through fingernails, or thick leather! These fangs are even longer than those of some snakes. Look at the pictures of poisonous bugs from Atrax robustus family:

Sydney Funnel Web

This insect will climb on its victim leaving a row of bites.

This poison spider’s venom can be deadly, and primates are most prone to suffering from it. When a person gets bitten, in a few minutes he experiences lot of serious symptoms: nausea, swelling of brain, muscle convulsion. Death may happen even within 15 minutes. Happily, anti-venom was introduced thirty years ago, and no one died since then.

Brown Recluse

This species dwells in many regions, but live mostly in warm areas. They prefer living outside, but may also infest human dwellings. Their venom is not deadly, if a person seeks medical treatment soon after attack. But this is not the worst thing. Poison destroys tissues in affected zone and around it, and healing may take several months to be completed. Google the pictures of bites affected by this flesh-eating venom, and you will be terrified. Looks really awful! If tissues continue dying, amputation may be required. In some cases, that leads to death.

If you see such a spider, don’t panic: usually they are not aggressive, and flee from danger. But don’t spray insecticides on it – that can make bug more toxic and willing to attack in self-defense.

brown recluse spider

This species dwells in many regions.

These insects are most threatening for people, so take care and avoid contacting with them. If you meet such a monster, don’t panic: they are dangerous, but you are definitely bigger and smarter.

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