Despite having such a funny name, Banana spider is a dangerous insect that has very poisonous venom. It was called this way because of yellow markings on its back and…

Shocking Truth About Banana Spider!

Despite having such a funny name, Banana spider is a dangerous insect that has very poisonous venom. It was called this way because of yellow markings on its back and legs, and the fact that Brazilian spiders “travel” around the world in banana boxes, with some of them living on banana trees. Learn the shocking facts about this insect to be aware of it.

Types of Banana Spider

In fact, there are four types of banana spiders, and they are not equally dangerous. Here is the basic information about them:

Kind of spiderAppearanceWhere it lives?Are they venomous?
Golden Orb-WeaversTheir yellow, red, or white marks contrast with dark brown / black body. Have stripped legs with tips pointed inward. Female body is up to three inches, while male insects can be 1 inch long only. But 6 inch leg span makes them look solid. Their peculiarity is beautiful golden webs they spin.Almost in every region in the world.Yes, but their poison is not fatally dangerous.
Cupiennius GenusHave half an inch long bodies, smaller than Brazilian spiders. Legs sometimes are covered with red hairs, and white underside may have black spots on it.Can accidentally appear in banana boxes exported to the USA and EU, but usually exist in Mexico, Caribbean region and north-west of South America.No
Brazilian banana spiderBody length is up to two inches, leg span reaches five inches. Brown corpus is covered by hairs, sometimes red hairs grow around mouth, and black spot on its belly. Recognizable feature: sometimes they elevate two front limbs, and perform side-to-side motions (swinging).Live in tropical zones of both American continents, sometimes hide in fruit boxes transported globally.Yes. The most dangerous arachnoids on Earth.
Hawaiian garden spidersLarge body may reach two inches. Distinctive features: yellow markings, can star-shaped abdomen and special zigzag web pattern.Originally from Asia (Taiwan), also live in Hawaiian region and New Guinea.No.
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Here are Brazilian banana spiders pictures. See what the deadliest insect looks like.

This is the Brazilian banana spider.

Where Wandering Spiders Live?

Another aspect that makes this kind of bugs dangerous is its habit of wandering. Does not spend all the time in its web: the insect may hide in trash and branch piles, trees, or human dwellings where they find shelter in textile, drawers, containers, and products. The insects mostly live in South America but are accidentally met in EU countries and the USA.

Are Their Bites Venomous?

In this article, we discuss the most dangerous kind – Brazilian wandering banana spider. This is the most poisonous insect on Earth, and the effect from its venom is close to the ones from some snakes. So, what it does to human body?

The neurotoxin in poison triggers highly unpleasant symptoms: muscle tremor, breathing complication and asphyxiation. The affected zone aches severely, and serious inflammation is caused. It should be treated instantly and efficiently to avoid die-off of tissues. In men, a bite may cause priapism – a very long-lasting and painful erection that sometimes leads to impotence.

banana spider

Brazilian wandering banana spider is the most dangerous kind.

First Aid

Yes, banana spider bites can lead to death within several minutes, especially if a person attacked has allergy to it (even people who are generally not prone to allergy can experience it). Luckily, there is effective anti-venom that neutralizes it, and may help to avoid complications. Thus, the first thing to do is to seek medical help. While waiting for it, a person may try to burn the wound with a match or spark lighter – that may stop venom spreading.


Banana spider bites can lead to death within several minutes.


In fact, threat from the venom depends on many factors:

  • quantity of toxins;
  • wound location;
  • distance to people’s dwellings.
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These insects are not got used to attacking mammals, and some people say that they don’t inject venom when biting, conserving poison and just trying to intimidate. According to statistics, only 2.3% of cases require anti-venom to be used, and mostly these are accidents with children.

banana spiders

If you meet a giant banana spider outside, just get away from it.

What If I Meet Banana Spiders?

First, don’t panic. These bugs are not very aggressive, and don’t have habit of attacking people without reason. They usually do that in defense. Don’t rush to kill it, either. Better try to catch it, covering with a bowl or any similar object. After that, you may call disinfection service – they will disable the guest and search for any other spiders left in your house. If you meet a giant banana spider outside, just get away from it.

Yes, spiders on bananas are extremely dangerous. So be careful when buying another stack of fruits, and don’t forget to check your house for these monsters if you live in tropical areas.

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