When buying a house or living in it you want to make sure there are no pests. One of the most widespread and necessary procedures is home termite inspection. It…

Affordable Termite Inspection: How Much Does the Procedure Cost?

When buying a house or living in it you want to make sure there are no pests. One of the most widespread and necessary procedures is home termite inspection. It is offered by numerous companies, but how to decide which service provider is worthy? In this article, we have described average prices for procedure, and companies that have leading positions both throughout the country, and in some certain states.

How Much Does a Termite Inspection Cost?

In fact, many self-respecting companies, such as Terminix, Orkin, Truly Nolen and others, provide free inspection. But termite inspection report containing information about infestation, preventive measures and pest elimination costs from $150 to $300 (it depends on company and its location). Without it, you won’t be able to start proper pest elimination and identify which exact areas are to be treated. Some companies provide fee  based inspection: average cost is about $250-$350, and includes ready report.

After making positive decision (agreeing to order company’s services), you have two options:

  • Single Treatment;
  • Annual Contract.
If you are sure than pests will be eliminated after one-time treatment, the first option may be selected. Typically, treatment of a 2,500-square-feet house cost varies from $100 to $250. But this number is defined by numerous factors: space of dwelling, state and city, type of eliminated pest, chemicals used. In some cases, chemical treatment price is counted by linear foot, not square footage of house. Cost of treatment for one foot is $4-16. Note that it is not necessary to dispense remedies in the entire house: only infested areas are usually treated. On average, people pay $1300-$1500 for treatment.

Many self-respecting companies provide free inspection.

Annual contracts are concluded to make sure that pests have disappeared, and won’t disturb people again. If a company has helped to eliminate pests one, you may also order basic customized 1 year service which includes follow up inspections, and, if necessary, repetitive treatments. Quotes for that vary from $400 to $720, depending on company and region.

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In fact, services of national termite inspection companies usually cost more, because it covers more aspects, such as personnel training, insurance, business expenses, taxes, etc. Here is a comparison chart of popular companies and their relative pricing for both kinds of services.

TerminixTruly NolenOrkinMasseyPresto-XDodsonEco-Wise
Single TreatmentHighMediumHighMediumLowMediumMedium
One Year ContractMediumMediumHighMediumHighLowMedium

Choosing a Suitable Termite Inspection Company

The above mentioned enterprises offer free termite inspection, but not leaders only can render such services. This short review of national and local service providers describes advantages and basic characteristics of each company.

Termite Inspection in Florida

Instead of overpaying for services of well-known companies, you may address less popular enterprises. For instance, Hughes Exterminators also offer free evaluation of entire home. You only need to fill the form on their site and wait until a technician or assistant contacts you.

A popular company in Tampa Bay, Chet’s Termite & Pest Management has been functioning for about 40 years. It renders all services connected with termite elimination, and often gives $225 bonus for scheduling treatment within 10 days. Cloud Termite and Pest Control also offers free estimate of termite problem and quota. All you need to do is fill up a short form on their official site.


All you need to do is fill up a short form on their official site.

Termite Inspection in San Diego

Thrasher Pest Control company offers free termite inspection, you just need to call assistants. However, inspections for real estate transactions are fee based, the price is defined by house footage.

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Antac is considered to be one of the best local companies. Its technicians may inspect your house for free, and if you schedule long-term maintenance, you can claim $50 discount. Emergency service is rendered, as well.

Nixtermite provides free estimation services for both real estate agents and individual homeowners.

Termite Inspection in Los Angeles

Prime Termite Company may render free inspections in case you advised their company to a friend, or your request is not emergent. You will need to fill a form and wait about 2-5 hours to get response. No quota is given before your house is examined. Tycecc Termite Control is another leading company in California county. You may call them to ask for free examination: specialists usually answer within 24 hours.
termite control inspection

You may call them to ask for free examination.

Do It Yourself: Defining Termite Infestation Without Assistance

You don’t want to pay average cost of termite inspection of $150-$350, being sure that you will detect insects on your own? Then you should know the signs of termite presence:

  • Drywood termites leave wood-color pellet-like feces in places they dwell.
  • If you see shed wings lying in small heaps and looking like fish scales, these can be left by reproductive termites. Such species are also attracted to light.
  • Tubes appearing in wooden beams, or walls near floor. In general, their diameter is 6 mm, but can vary.
  • To identify where termites swarm and make nests, tap on wood: the more holes inside, the more hollow sound is.
  • Damage on wooden structures. Since termites feed on wood, you can see traces of their presence, for instance, bubbling paint, or strange wall coloring.
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All in all, it is far simpler to call a technician and have your house fully inspected: you may easily not notice some places where bugs swarm.

Termite identification is still better to be performed by qualified personnel. It is hard to identify an average price of services, as it is defined by numerous factors, such as location, footage of house, chemicals used. The best tactics is to contact each company and ask for quota (it is provided for free in most cases). Free termite inspection will help you to identify work scope and prices of services required.

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