termite controlThis enterprise helps to eliminate almost every pest, including termites. Thanks to 24/7 assistance you can contact them anytime and order an emergency visit. Note that the cost quota…

Top-8 Best Termite Control Companies

termite controlThis enterprise helps to eliminate almost every pest, including termites. Thanks to 24/7 assistance you can contact them anytime and order an emergency visit. Note that the cost quota of home termite control cannot be identified over the phone – it is done only after technicians’ visit. There is one serious drawback: the company operates in six states only (South Carolina, Florida, Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Georgia).


If you aren’t satisfied, you can claim your money back guarantee. Besides, Massey technicians will show up within 24 hours to repeat inspection and, if necessary, treatment after receiving your complaint.


This operator handles most types of known pests. It offers several payment plans, including single treatment or annual contract. Quotas for first-time customers can be identified instantly, and cost of services depends on the location of house, kind of pest and preferred termite control methods. It works on Central states, so services of Presto-X may be not available for your dwelling.

Customer service is permanently available, and you can contact them anytime to arrange technicians’ visit. If pests continue bugging you after primary treatment, you may ask for follow-up procedures if claiming them during guarantee period. Unfortunately, you cannot manage your personal account on their official site, and there is no F.A.Q. section. However, you may still read basic information about different types of pests to know your enemy by sight.

Customer service is permanently available.


This company operates in eight adjacent states (North Carolina, Ohio, Maryland, Tennessee, West Virginia, Virginia, Kentucky, and South Carolina). It responds to emergency calls within 24 hours, and does its best to provide decent termites control. Almost all types of pests are managed, and the site provides articles with creatures’ images and short descriptions.

However, there is little online support. No F.A.Q. section, you cannot create personal account, and article don’t give information about how to prevent infestations, or what primary treatment can be provided. Return treatment can also be offered, if you are unsatisfied with the results of the first visit.

Termite Control: Bulwark

This company services are available in South and Southwest of the country (Texas, Nevada, North Carolina, Georgia, Utah, Tennessee, Oklahoma, and Nevada). First-time clients may find it unsatisfactory that answers for requests are given within 48 hours – other companies provide far better response time. But if you are a current client, and have an emergency call, help will be rendered within 24 hours.

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Company site gives a great set of tips on how to eliminate pests and infestation. Besides, most types of pests are treated by qualified and experienced technicians.

how to get rid of termites cheaply

If you are a current client, and have an emergency call, help will be rendered within 24 hours.


A company that renders services in almost all states (except for Alaska, Wyoming, North and South Dakota) of the USA. It offers emergency services right in the day you request it. Otherwise, customer support replies within one-two days and offers solutions for your problem. When concluding an annual contract, technicians visit your house every month, but can come between scheduled visits, if required.

Inspection is free, and the price of Orkin pest & termite control services depends on the type of pest, size of property and area. Free quota is available upon personal request. Another advantage of this company is personal account created on their official site: it allows keeping all information about pest treatment, counting prices of service and making online requests quick. There is still one serious drawback: not all types of pests are exterminated.


This is another leading national enterprise that provides pest extermination services on the territory of 44 states. The company provides free inspection and service quota – you only need to make a call. Technicians can eliminate pests in both residential and commercial buildings, you don’t have to search for any other service provider.

Pest control cost also depends on state, size of dwelling and chemicals used. Annual service is customized: only required procedures are arranged, which allows saving considerably.


Technicians can eliminate pests in both residential and commercial buildings.

Truly Nolen

As the above mentioned enterprises, Truly Nolen provides different payment types: single treatment, or seasonal plans. Technicians use eco-friendly chemicals only, but alert about treated areas that should be avoided by people and pets until remedies dry out. The company guaranties elimination of widespread pests (roaches, ants, spiders or mosquitoes) and rare species, such as termites, snakes, opossums, etc.

You can also register on their official site, fill up termite inspection form, and get assistance within a few days (regular customers are replied within less than 24 hours). The company provides certified termite & pest control of more than 100 species, so you are likely to find the one that disturbs you. The company is considered to be one of the best in its industry, and it offers treatment for both homes and businesses. The only disadvantage is that it operates in 15 states only.


The company takes pride in using eco-safe methods and pesticides with low content of chemicals. It serves people in half of states (23 locations), but not all offices help to eliminate termites, while common pests are treated everywhere. Two pricing policies are provided (single and repetitive treatment). Unfortunately, secondary treatment requests are accomplished within a week, so if pests have not been killed entirely, you will have to wait for another visit of technicians.

Company site provides information on various pests and ways to struggle with them – just browse for it online. Although F.A.Q. section is not present, there is a lot of information about procedures published. All in all, this company is among leaders due to unique methods of their organic termite control.

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All of these companies provide worthy termite control service, and it’s up to you to decide which operator is suitable: judge by office location and response time. If you have an emergent case, not all enterprises will be able to help you our immediately. And remember that price of services is not always most important, because pest issue concerns your health and safety.

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